Christmas Story

Christmas Story

Welcome to Merry Christmas

A warm welcome to our Chistmas Story Website.

It is our aim to increase Christmas spirit in the world.

What does the ideal Christmas mean to you? Perhaps it’s enjoying a time of peace and harmony with family and friends?

I particularly love to contemplate Cosy Open fires, the crackling of logs and the gentle dance of the shadows around a dimly lit room.

Bright colourful reflections from tinsel and baubles. The feint smell of logs burning mixed with the aroma of sweet spices. A warm glass of Egg Nog, CoCo or mulled wine.

Your favorite Christmas songs playing quietly in the background.

The feeling of uncomplicated love. Quiet conversations between loved ones and friends, a sense of anticipation and smiles shared across the room.

Tired eyes, happy hearts and full tummys. Ahhh Christmas.

There is of course one all important ingredient, the catalyst to all this that I haven’t mentioned yet. – A Christmas Story…

That’s what this site is all about - promoting that Christmas spirit with the sharing of a Christmas Story or Two. Here’s where we have a treat for you.

We sincerely  hope you enjoy the stories and that this Christmas is your best ever.

We also have a great serialised Christmas Drama for Mums and Dads. Read about a Wife’s childhood experience of Santa, A Fathers struggle with life and a Daughters special Christmas Wish. The story contains a fabulous twist and of course a Happy ending. See how it unfolds below:

Christmas Drama - episode 1

Christmas Drama - episode 2

Christmas Drama - episode 3

Christmas Drama - episode 4

Christmas Drama - episode 5

Christmas Drama - episode 6

Christmas Drama - episode 7 – Conclusion

We have made this song the theme tune to a wonderful happy Christmas 2010

Why don’t you do the same. Click the link below to download the song instantly.

Spend your Christmas Laughing, Loving and singing along with us to ‘It’s Christmas!’

Get the download from iTunes now Click Here

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