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Santa Paws

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Well children, you all know Santa loves you, but Santa also loves animals. One of my greatest joys is taking my dog Snowy for a walk.

I’m going to tell you a story about Snowy. Every time when I have been away and come back home, Snowy always runs to meet me and nearly knocks me over, he gets so excited.

Well one day I had been out helping my favourite charity and when I returned home I expected Snowy to come running towards me, but he did not, he just sat there in the corner looking grumpy. I went over to him and asked him if he was feeling poorly and tried to stroke him. He just turned away. That upset Santa.

I asked Mrs Clause what had happened to Snowy to see if she knew why he was acting like this. She told me to come in the kitchen and she would tell me. It turned out that Snowy was upset because at Christmas all the animals are left out and he wants to be SANTA PAWS.

Well, I thought what a great idea this was and went back into the room and said to Snowy, “What a kind dog you are thinking of all your friends, so from this day on, you will be known as Snowy Santa Paws!” Well he jumped up and his tail was wagging. I could see he was now very happy.

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Santa Paws

Santa Paws

Naughty Norman the Gnome

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Santa Reading His Stories in His Own Words

Santa Reading His Stories in His Own Words

Well children, I hope you have all heard of Santa’s helpers, who work in Santa’s workshops in the North Pole and make all of the toys. I have my elves and also some gnomes, who work very hard all year to get the presents ready in time for Christmas Eve.


I am now going to tell you a story about Norman the Naughty Gnome. He was a very badly behaved young gnome and used to play horrible tricks on eeryone. He thought he was funny, but he was not, because all he did was upset people.

Once he blackened Rudolph’s nose with boot polish and when we were test-driving the new sleigh one foggy night Rudolph couldn’t find his way home and the satellite navigation system could not track him. Another time he set off the fire alarms in the workshops and stopped production of the toys. Oh, he was such a naughty boy!

He was always playing naughty tricks and one day I saw him put salt in the sugar jar. I thought “OK! This boy needs to be taught a lesson!” I called a meeting with the head elves. “Gentlemen” I said to them “What we are going to do is to give Norman a shock and teach him a lesson. This is the plan.” And so I explained to them exactly what we would do.

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Stuck in the Chimney!

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009
 I think it was about 5 years ago on Christmas Eve. We had all been working hard getting all the presents ready for Christmas. We packed up the sleigh full to the brim with toys. We fed the reindeers and checked everything was ready for take off. We went through our flight procedure and checked to see if the life belt was under the seat. These are all new regulations you see and we were then ready for take off. We checked with air traffic control then whoosh we were on our way, bang on time. Ho Ho Ho!

I was about half way round the world on schedule when I saw this house standing by itself. We flew down and landed on the roof and as usual I went down the chimney and into the living room. It was a beautiful house. I left all the presents under the tree and up the stairs to fill the stockings in the bedrooms.

I opened the door quietly and went into one of the bedrooms but then I realised that there was no one there, the little boy was in the bathroom and he was coming back to the bedroom. What could I do! I did not want him to see me. I opened the wardrobe door and hid inside.

Will Santa get caught?….

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Santa at the Chimney

Santa at the Chimney

Santa Goes to the Moon

Monday, October 19th, 2009


Santa Visits the Moon

Santa Visits the Moon

 I can still remember the day very clearly. It was July 21st 1969, and as it was summertime, the elves wanted to fly down to Florida to visit a theme park, and play with the children.  As I hitched up the sleigh, I noticed Rudolph was not feeling very well so, I asked the new reindeer Ronald to be at the front. It was to be his first time to lead the way, and as we all climbed on board, with the elves sitting where the presents would usually be, off we went, singing songs, and telling jokes, and having a wonderful time!



Now in those days I didn’t need to contact air traffic control for permission to take off but, with everyone singing and laughing, and having such a good time, I forgot to watch where I was going, and so Ronald just kept flying higher and higher and higher!  All of sudden, it was so dark that we could not see where we were going! “Oh dear, if only we had Rudolph with us,” I thought to myself, “His shiny red nose would have guided us home, but instead we just kept going higher, and higher, and higher until, all of sudden BUMP!

  I looked up and I could see planet earth.  “My goodness! We are on the Moon!” I exclaimed.  I sat there on my sleigh with the elves, wondering if I should step down.  It was only one small step for Santa but one giant leap for the elves!

 Just then we were startled by a voice!

Who was there?  What would Santa find on the moon ……

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Stancer the Santamobile

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Children, it’s story time again and I am going to tell you the story of how Stancer the Santamobile came to Santa’s village.

It was about 10 years ago on Christmas Eve and we were flying up in the sky delivering presents from house to house.

We came to the end of one street and the gentleman living there wanted a new car. Whoosh! There it was, we left it on his drive, and then sped off again into the night sky.

Rudolph turned around to me and said, “Santa! It is so sad!”

 I replied, “What do you mean Rudolph? So sad? Everyone is happy; they are getting new presents.”

“Well Santa, did you not see, as we were delivering the new car, the old car on the driveway was crying. I could see the tears coming from his headlights.”

I felt so sad, I wanted to go back but I could not, I had to deliver the rest of the presents.

The next day I took off my Santa suit and put on normal clothes and told Mrs Clause I was going back to see the old car.

As I walked up the street I could see the new car on the driveway but the old car was missing. I knocked on the front door and asked about the old car.

“Oh it’s finished.” Came the response “I’ve sent it to the breakers yard.”

What will happen to the poor car?!  Can Santa save him in time?

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Stancer the Santamobile

Stancer the Santamobile

Alley The Christmas Cat

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Children it’s Story Time Again and I’m going to tell you a story about Alley the Christmas cat.

One morning I was reading one of the hundreds of letters I receive each day from the children of the world when I came across a letter from a little girl asking me for a kitten for Christmas. I saw no problem with it and because she had been a good girl all year, I decided she would get the present she deserved. 

One year passed and on Christmas Eve I loaded up my sleigh and off we went delivering presents. We went from house to house, landing on the roof if the house had a chimney, or if not we would land in the garden of the house and I would use my magic key.  

As I landed in one garden I noticed the house was in darkness; there were no Christmas lights. The house looked deserted. I checked my computer and pulled up the wish list to see if I had made a mistake and come to the wrong house. There was a letter from a little girl living in this house wanting presents. I then suddenly remembered the little girl and the house; I had delivered a kitten there only last year. 

We were then with a dilemma. What should we do with the presents? I asked Rudolph but he did not know either. Just then, Snowy my dog jumped off the sleigh and ran over to the hedge….

Why did Snowy run off?  What did he find in the hedge?….

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Alley the Christmas Cat

Alley the Christmas Cat





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Harry the Happy Snowman

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Years ago when we were building our village in the North Pole, we all decided to get together and build a snowman. Everybody was involved and together we created Harry the Happy Snowman. 

However as the years past, the young Harry became rather unhappy as he started to keep himself to himself and not get involved with any of the Santa family.

I was very worried and talked to Mrs. Clause about this and she told me there are children all over the world that are unhappy and feel like running away because they think no one loves them or cares about them.

I realised that I needed to spend more time with Harry so I set away across the field to find him. Just then Yodule came running towards me and shouted. “Santa! Harry has disappeared!” I told Yodule to alert the elves and begin a search while I headed back to the stable for my sleigh.

I took to the skies to find Harry…..

What has happened to Harry? will Santa find him in time? Find out at our short christmas stories site.

Harry the Happy Snowman

Harry the Happy Snowman

Milk & Cookies

Friday, October 9th, 2009

 About 30 years ago, on Christmas Eve, I was unfortunately feeling a little unwell so, I took some medicine to make me feel better, and to help me to deliver the presents around the world. Well, that was my excuse! In fact I learnt a very valuable lesson that evening.

I set out to deliver the presents, and as usual, the children in every house left me: – a small glass of brandy, a mince pie and carrots for the reindeer.  I went from house to house crying, “HO HO HO!!” while delivering presents, and soon I was beginning to feel merry. I was having a wonderful time!  

On my way back to the North Pole, the sleigh was gliding through the night sky when, all a sudden, a huge jumbo jet pulled along beside me. The co- pilot wound the window down and shouted, “Hey Santa, are you ok?  Our navigator has been tracking you on his radar, and he has told the captain that your sleigh is having a bumpy ride!  It’s going up and down and up and down, so the captain said we had better check on Santa and make sure he is ok.”  

“I am OK,” I shouted, “Merry Christmas Ho Ho Hic!”  

I now know it is wrong to drink and fly because, when we landed with a thud in the North Pole, we ended up in a heap in the snow!  

I got off the sleigh, and told the elves to put the sleigh away and headed for the house. Just as I got to the door, I slipped and tripped, somersaulted and then bounced, covered in snow, into the house! 

“Have you been drinking?” asked Mrs Clause angrily, “Santa you ARE drunk!  How many drinks have you had?” to which I replied, “I have had only one.” 

“Yes, one in every house” exclaimed Mrs Clause!  She was very angry indeed!  

 “Take off your boots, and put your sack over in the corner” she ordered.  So I hung my head down and I did what I was told. Then all of a sudden, I realised there were still toys in the sack, I had forgotten one little boy!

What Happens Next – will the poor little boy get his presents. You can find out what happens by visiting our Short Christmas Stories website

Merry Christmas !

Santa Delivering Toys
Santa Delivering Toys

Christina The Christmas Tree

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Children it’s story time again and I’m going to tell you a story about Christina the Christmas tree.

As you all know, Santa lives in a magical village surrounded by wonderful places including the Enchanted Forest. Santa enjoys walking through the forest and looking at the beautiful Christmas trees, who live there.

Well, one day I was walking through the forest and I happened to notice that Christina the Christmas Tree was not there. I stopped and asked her parents where she was. “She has gone off to the Big City for Christmas” they in formed me “She wants to spread her wings and sparkle” said her father.

I replied, “Well don’t worry, I am sure a lot of girls of her age want to see the bright lights. I’m sure she will be all right”.

OH! How wrong I was! About three days before Christmas, Yodule came running into my office. “Santa we need your help!” He exclaimed with panic “Christina was the Christmas tree in the most prestigious office block in the city. Santa, she sparkled and everybody loved her, but now the office has shut for Christmas and so the caretaker has taken the Christmas decorations down because no one will be back till after Christmas! He has thrown Christina into the rubbish skip in the basement! We need your magic key to go and get her!”

“Yodule calm down” I said trying to reassure the poor elf. “The magic key is for giving presents not for taking things that don’t belong to you. I will sort it out.”

You can find out what happens to Christina by visiting our Short Christmas Stories website.

Christina Christmas Tree

Christina Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas!

Monday, October 5th, 2009

If you are a fan of Charles Dickens check out some of his short Christmas stories for free at my Squidoo site.

Hope you enjoy the stories

Christmas Candy

Christmas Candy