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Monday, November 30th, 2009

Share Santa's Book!

Share Santa's Book!

Santa’s new Ebook is being passed around the world faster than his sleigh can deliver toys on a Christmas Eve and that is fast!

This has made Santa ecstatic and he would like to thank everyone who is spending their time passing on the Christmas Spirit.

This gesture can only be described as the Best Christmas Game in the world as everyone is a winner, especially your friends and family when they read the heart warming Christmas Stories.

The book is the Best Christmas Card you could send, so check your Christmas Card list and send it to the people you love or to someone who could do with some Christmas Cheer.

Please email Santa and let him know who you have sent the book too.

One fan of the book has already sent it out to 150 people. He’s now – well and truly – on the nice list.

Click the image below to get the book – It’s Amazing!

Don’t Wait till December the first story should be read at bedtime on 1st December!
send flowers in USA

Click here for free book

Click here for free book

Winter Wonder Land

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Winter Wonder Land

Winter Wonder Land

Once upon a dark cold morning near the holiday season I was awakened by a terrible sound. Yes the sound was terrible but oh so familiar. My 5am alarm. Ohhh I groaned as I was awakened from the sweet, warm comfortable slumber. My beautiful dream slipped into oblivion and was lost as I jumped up quickly aware that my partner would soon be sharing my discomfort if I didn’t silence the alarm.

I staggered half asleep through the dark house to the kitchen. Something caught my eye through the kitchen window. An inconsistency, something out of place. I squinted curiously at the street lamp outside – tired eyes struggling to focus. Was that…? Could it be…? I stumbled over to the window for a closer look my excitement rising. Leaning over the kitchen sink with my nose against the glass of the window it became clear. Oh Yes!  It’s snowing! I clambered closer to the window climbing up on to the sink unit so that I could see the length of the street. Yes! The snow had already formed a thick layer on the road and was getting deeper.

I jumped down from the counter and wondered what to do next. There would be no work for me today. The traffic would be chaos – abandoned vehicles blocking the roads, accidents, unending queues of red tail lights. “No” I thought to myself. “Better safe than sorry – it’s just not worth the risk” Nobody would blame me. In fact in this Safety obsessed culture I may even be criticised for driving the 80 miles to work.

Now should I go back to bed or go outside and experience the snow? I opted for the ‘back to bed’ option. After all there would be the whole day to play in the snow! As I climbed back into bed a sleepy little voice came from beside me in the dark. “What’s happening? Why are you getting back into bed?” I could hardly contain my excitement – “No work for me today… it’s snowing!”

I snuggled back into the warm comfy bed, a smile on my face as I drifted off to sleep dreaming about my little town magically transformed by the pure whiteness of snow. There would be so many places to explore, things to see and do. The excitement of dressing up in warm woolly winter clothes for our adventures and the comfort of fire and steaming hot coco upon our return – mmmmm.

To Be Continued!
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Get your free Christmas Story Book Containing 25 Beautifully illustrated Childrens Stories.

One for each day of Advent – only a few days to go

Download it now – Click the image below. Send it to all your contacts as a gift.

Click to Download

Click to Download

Spread the Christmas Spirit!

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009
Enjoying Santa's Stories

Enjoying Santa's Stories

This year a phenomenon has hit the Internet, Santa Claus is telling all. No longer do we have to speculate of how this Icon operates, he has infiltrated the Internet with Stories Galore about his adventures, his family and his home.

Typing in “Christmas Stories with Santa” on Youtube the page is littered with the Jolly Big Guy educating and entertaining our Children. Why has he done this? We believe Mrs Clause has insisted that in these days of communication, the Children of the World should know more about Father Christmas and the myths that surround him. This has never happened before, so why now! We have never had Santa Stories yet we still loved him, we had a picture of him on a Christmas card that was good enough, or was it!           

These stories are better than any reality show as they show that Santa is a real caring man making mistakes like any other Father, having one to many drinks, mistaking a good man for an impostor, even getting his family lost on the moon. Reading these stories Santa comes across as a wise caring man who is not afraid to show his emotions and share his wisdom with the world. He even tells when he was a boy and how he felt he was not good enough. He learned his lessons the hard way and he knows how to deal with teenage problems, yet the man, like all men broke down and cried when Angela took a little boy to Heaven. The Good Lord gave us a baby at Christmas yet Santa had to deal with the greatest loss a family could ever suffer. When you read the story you will understand.           

This explosion onto the internet is a story of Santa Claus, a father figure for us all to admire. He could have just continued with Ho Ho Ho and have been represented forever by Advertising Agencies but here we have a true representation of goodness and honesty within this man, a good role model for our children. He admits he fell in Love, he was upset by being ignored by his family pet and he was man enough to hug his son.           

My only worry is this, Will the world be ready to read and accept that he is the Father of all Children, no matter what colour their skins are, or what God they pray to. We all know him as Santa and that he helps celebrate a Christian Festival but no Child in this world should ever say that they do not love Santa Claus.Santa would never deny any child the chance to sit on his knee and tell him what they want for Christmas. He understands that out of 2.2 Billion children in the world, one billion children live in poverty that is why this year he is giving his book away free.

Click on the book below to share these stories with friends and family or print off a copy for someone who can not afford a computer. For a parent or child who will receive very little this Christmas this book may bring them a little hope, comfort and good cheer.

Click For Free Story Book

Click For Free Story Book

Click the image above to get your free eBook. Please do send it to everyone to whom you wish a merry Christmas.

When the file opens you can scroll down to read the stories.  There is one story for each day of advent – so don’t delay only a few days to go!

Cut and paste the link below and send it to all of your Contacts – you are guaranteed to go on Santa’s nice list.

Merry Christmas


Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Breaking News from the North Pole.


Santa has just issued this statement.



Today I have just been informed by UNICEF that there are 2.2 billion Children that I have to deliver presents to this year.

Unfortunately one billion of these Children are living in poverty, so today I have made the decision and informed my helpers that my eBook” The Santa Stories” will be free to every child in the world.

To obtain the free download please click on the link below and in the Spirit of Christmas pass the link on to friends and family. If you know anyone who can not afford a computer please print the book and give it to them this Christmas so they may share it with their family.

It may seem a small gesture, but to some child or parent who would otherwise receive nothing it will be a welcome gift.


                                        Merry Christmas from Santa.

If you like The Book please leave a comment below.

Click Image for Free Story Book

Click Image for Free Story Book

Free Download – Santa Stories 2009

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Rather than posting a story here we have decided to give you a link to a free pdf download.

The download contains two complete stories for you to enjoy. If you liked the story about ‘Harry the Happy Snowman’ given in part in one of the earlier blog posts you can now read the heart warming ending.

The second story will tell you how the story ‘Milk & Cookies’ also given in a previous blog post ends. Santa learns an important lesson about alchohol!

All of our Santa Stories contain important lessons to stand young minds in good stead for lifes adventure!

Try out the stories on your children, nephews, nieces and grand children. Perhaps you have God Children?  If you can’t be there to tell the stories to your own little ones then feel free to email the file to anyone who would benefit.

We hope you love reading these stories as much as we loved producing them.

Click Here for Your Stories

P.S.  What is Christmas Spirit?

Perhaps you could think of Christmas Spirit as a miracle. This miracle isn’t so much a change in physical circumstances as a change in perception. This change in perception is brought about by a willingness to see things differently. During the holiday season there is a palpable change in peoples energy. For this short period of time people change their focus from their troubles to a focus on holiday activities. When they think of their loved ones, togetherness and the giving and receiving of gifts there is a subtle change in the fabric of the world. This is the miracle – all that is required is this shift in awaremess – just a gentler attitude to life to change everything. You may say everything changes without changing anything! This change can be experienced by anyone it is experienced as happiness an increased energy – a consciousness opened to Love. Look out for it and you are sure to find it.

Merry Christmas.


Magic of Christmas

Magic of Christmas


Rudolph’s Birthday

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Well children I bet you know the name of my reindeer with the red nose. Yes it’s Rudolph.

I’m now going to tell you a story about the day Rudolph was born, his birthday.

Well it was over one hundred years ago now and Rosemary his mother was outside in the field telling all the reindeer that she was going to have a baby and if it was a boy she was going to call it Rudolph. Now we all know that a boy reindeer is called a buck and a girl reindeer is called a doe.

Everyone was excited and as the snow started to fall, the reindeers left the field and headed for the barn.

I went over, lit the fire to keep them warm, and put up a Christmas tree and decorations so we could celebrate Christmas and we waited for Rudolph to be born.

Night after night we waited and the snow got deeper and deeper. The nights also became darker but we could also see the North Star getting closer and closer. Everyone was excited because Christmas was not far away now and soon Rudolph would be born.

I looked at my calendar. It was December 1st. I went to check on the reindeer to wish them goodnight and made my way back to the grotto.

I took off my coat, made myself some hot chocolate and started to read all the letters that had been sent to me from all of the children. Just then I heard a noise, I heard the stamping of reindeer hooves and the sound of reindeers rejoicing.

I was so excited that I forgot to put on my coat. I lit a lantern and headed through the deep snow to the barn. I opened the huge barn door and…… What did Santa find in the barn find out at our Short Christmas Stories Website

Santa on His Way to The Barn

Santa on His Way to The Barn

Santa’s Big Hat

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Children ,It’s Story Time Again. I am going to tell you a story about my hat. I bet you have noticed my hat is too big. Well, I will tell you why.

It was one stormy night on Christmas Eve and I had just finished delivering the presents in the United Kingdom and so I was about to set off to America.

I always stop to feed my reindeers before the long journey across the Atlantic and I always stop on Plymouth Sound. That was where the Pilgrim Fathers left England to settle in America. Oh I remember it well.

That night the wind was howling and the rain was lashing down, so I took off my hat and there inside were the carrots for the reindeers. Now Children, where I keep the carrots is a big secret, so don’t tell anyone because we do not want Gregory the Greedy Reindeer to find out where I store the carrots.

Just then, I heard a voice, “help me Santa!” he cried. It was Larry the Lighthouse. “Santa the light has gone out in my lighthouse and the sailors will be in danger if they can not see it since they will not know where the dangerous rocks are. I looked at the lighthouse, which was painted red and white, and that gave me an idea ….. How will Santa save the day?

Visit our Short Christmas Stories Website to find out

Santa's Sleigh

Santa's Sleigh