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Did You Ever Want to Play an Instrument?

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Whilst listening to all the great Christmas songs and Carols this year did the thought ever come to you-

“I wish I could play this on an instrument”

For me the first instrument I think of is the guitar – it’s a portable instrument and flexible enough to play any style of music.

Anyway I came across a great online course for guitar lessons. It really gives you everything you need from complete beginner right through to really advanced stuff. The thing I particularly liked about the course is that it gives you everything you need but don’t usually get from other courses. For example – you get:
*  Metronome software (that’s the ‘tick tock’ thing that keeps time for you – no not a clock silly :-)
*  Some learning to read music software (you don’t need to learn how to read music but you might like to),
*  Guitar tuning software – really useful!
*  + lots of other stuff I haven’t even tried yet!

The course works by giving you videos of the lessons. I really like this watch and repeat format. The great thing is you can rewind the videos as many times as you need to till you get the lesson right. The tutor doesn’t get a bit impatient! Unlike a book (which I have tried before) you can hear the noise that the guitar is supposed to make so you know if you’re doing it right – very important!

The course is great value for money and comes with a money back guarantee – so no risk.

You can read more about the course by clicking – Here

Easy Guitar Songs

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Click Here to Learn The Guitar The Easy Way