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Safety in the Home

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Especially at this time of year when it’s dark, cold and there are lots of festive lights in use it is crucial to consider electrical safety.

Let’s make sure we all stay safe an happy this season!

Statistics show that around 1000 accidents occur each year at work resulting in around 30 deaths! These figures are for the UK where electrical appliances are much safer than in the US or other European countries due to three pin plugs.

Five hundred injuries occur in the home resulting in 5 deaths.

There are estimated to be 12,500 fires caused from faulty electrical appliances and installations resulting in 590 injuries and 25 fatalities.

Make sure you get a smoke alarm! There is no excuse for not having one they are very cheap and easy to fit and they save lives.

However the core theme of this post is….

Check your electrical appliances regularly and carefully and if you are not competent get an expert in – better safe than sorry.

Stay Safe!

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