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Small Business Profit Enhancement Programme

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Small Business Profit Enhancement Programme

‘TCL PEP©’ = Hundreds of Qualified Leads for Your Business Every Month

Unique Risk Free Guarantee – No Other Firm Can Match This…

I am so confident that we can bring you hundreds of fresh qualified leads every month that I offer a Guarantee that no other marketing firm will dare to match.

Pay a small refundable* set up deposit and we will:

  • Set up a SEO optimised website to promote your business within 1 week
  • Attain a first page search engine ranking within 1 month
  • Attract hundreds of fresh qualified leads to your business every month
  • Report on visitor numbers every week

Once your website is attracting 200 or more visitors per month we will negotiate a monthly rental fee for the site. The fee will be set to ensure that you are making a good return on investment (ROI). In short this means the website will be making you more money than you spend on renting it. It will enhance the profit of your business.

If you feel that for some reason you don’t want to rent the site (this has never happened yet!) you can walk away without penalty and I will even refund your original set up fee!

There is absolutely Nothing to Lose and a whole lot to Gain with our Unbeatable Guarantee!

We are are reputable registered UK company established in 2006. Therefore you can be confident that you are in safe hands. We are a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the BNI. You can find our company registration number, address and VAT registration number on the ‘about us‘ page.

Call or Email us Now to Enroll absolutely Risk Free in the TCL Small Business Profit Enhancement Programme (TCL PEP ©)

small business profit

TCL PEP© is a unique system for boosting the profits of small businesses.

Totnes Consultancy has a proven track record of success in providing ‘SEO websites’ to bring large numbers of qualified leads to local businesses in a very short time and at a very low price. See our current projects page for examples of our work.

Here’s how it works…

You pay only $150US (£100GBP) refundable set up deposit.

You pay nothing more until the website starts bringing you qualified leads!

That’s right, we take all the risk and put our money where our mouth is. We are so confident that your website will be ranking on the search engines and attracting qualified leads within just a few weeks that we will build your site at our risk. (There is very little risk actually as we have proven this system time and time again)

When your site is attracting qualified leads*** we will negotiate a monthly rental fee which ensures that you receive a great return on investment. If you don’t feel you are getting great value for money you can walk away and pay nothing more** and we will gladly refund your set up deposit.

Call or email us now to get an estimate of how many new clients you can expect to gain from our services. We will provide you with a spreadsheet which allows you to adjust your customer value and conversion rate to suit your own metrics and estimate your enhanced profit.

Call Now To Schedule Your Free Consultation! +44 (0)7739161270

The small print…

* In the unlikely event that you don’t want to rent the site we produce to promote your business we will gladly refund your deposit.

** Any website produced by us on your behalf remains the property of Totnes Consultancy Ltd. We reserve the right to rent the site to another small business should you decide you don’t wish to rent it yourself.

***We will begin negotiations once your site is receiving over 200 qualified visitors a month.

we reserve the right to refuse to provide these services at our discretion.

Business Failure! – How to Turn it into Massive Success

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

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If you are running a small business Google Success can mean the difference between huge profits and abject failure.

The lifeblood of any business is clients / customers and more and more of them are searching online everyday for your product or service.

Conversely the printed directories such as the yellow pages or phonebook are in decline. Think of the next generation. Do you think they are going to be reaching for a printed directory when they are your potential clients / customers in the next few years? Of course not – they will be straight on their iphone or whatever the future equivalent is, searching the net.

Think about it. If you own a business and you are not beginning to implement a 21st Century Marketing Strategy then the future looks a little bleak because your competition aren’t going to wait!

My clients have a ‘mobile device friendly’, ‘search engine optimised’ website up and running within a week and showing up on the first page of the search engines within a month. Our clients are getting up to 8,500 visitors a month to their websites! Imagine how your business would change if 1% of that number became your new client every month!

Call or email me now for a free consultation to see how many qualified leads you could get every month.

When you are my client I will set up a website for you for a fixed fee of £100 GBP or $150US. When the website is making you money we will negotiate a monthly rental fee that ensures you are making a lot more money than you spend on the site. You can cancel the rental agreement at any time without penalty – the risk is all mine so why wait? Contact me now for a free consultation.

My company Totnes Consultancy is a Bona fide UK Ltd company which has been successfully trading since 2006 so you can be sure you are dealing with a reputable firm that isn’t going to disappear over night.

Download now or watch on posterous

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Don’t let your competition get there first! Contact me now for a free consultation.


AIDAS Marketing …

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

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The Structure of AIDAS:

There’s a well-known structure in successful sales letters, described by the acronym AIDA which stands for:

• Attention

• Interest

• Desire

• Action

First, you capture your prospect’s attention.  This is done with your headline and lead. If your ad fails to capture your prospect’s attention, it fails completely. Your prospect doesn’t read your stellar copy, and doesn’t order your product or service.

Then you want to build a strong interest in your prospect. You want them  to keep reading, because if he reads, he just might buy.

Next, you channel a desire. Having a targeted market for this is key, because you’re not trying to create a desire where one did not already exist. You want to capitalize on an existing desire, which your prospect may or may not know he already has. And you want your prospect to experience that desire for your product or service.

Finally, you present a call to action. You want him to pick up the telephone, return the reply card, attend the sales presentation, order your product, whatever. You need to ask for the sale (or response, if that’s the goal). You don’t want to beat around the bush at this point.


If your letter and AIDA structure is sound and persuasive, here’s

where you present the terms of your offer and urge the prospect to

act now.

 A lot has been written about the AIDA copywriting formula. I’d like to add one more letter to the acronym: S for Satisfy. In the end, after the sale is made, you want to satisfy your prospect, who is now a customer. You want to deliver exactly what you promised (or even more), by the date you promised, in the manner

you promised. In short, you want to give him every reason in the world to trust you the next time you sell him a back-end offer. And of course you’d rather he doesn’t return the product (although if he does, you also execute your return policy as promised). Either way, you want your customers to be satisfied. It will make you a lot more money in the long run.

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Climate Change Facts

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Climate Change Facts confirm that we must start now before it’s too late to “Save Planet Earth!” Join the chant. You’re better off singing about it than shouting about it! Show your support – buy the song now from itunes. This message needs to be heard now!… target=”itunes_store Together we can change the world.

Download now or watch on posterous

Save_Planet_Earth.wmv (27016 KB)

Climate Change Facts

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Climate Change Facts confirm that we must start now before it’s too late to “Save Planet Earth!” Join the chant. You’re better off singing about it than shouting about it! Show your support – buy the song now from itunes. This message needs to be heard now!… target=”itunes_store Together we can change the world.

Electrical Safety

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Here’s some more guidance from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). If you are considering doing any sort of repair or maintenance on a domestic electrical appliance you must consider the following Hazards:

An electric shock can lead to serious injury, sometimes fatal. Injuries can also occur when a person reacts to an electric shock, for example by falling or touching another hazard. Factors which are likely to increase the risk of receiving an electric shock include the following:

(a) The majority of domestic appliances have large
areas of earthed metal that may be easily touched.
Touching exposed live conductors connected to the
mains supply at the same time as touching the
earthed metalwork will result in an electric shock;

(b) Some appliances could also be using water in their
operation, such as washing machines or
dishwashers. This may lead to an increased risk of
shock because water can conduct electricity and
reduces the resistance of the skin;

(c) When working on microwave ovens there may be a
risk of severe electric shock from the internally
generated high voltage (approximately 4kV);

(d) Work may be carried out in the customer’s home,
so people other than those doing the work
(including children) may also be at risk;

(e) Additional risks may be present at the customer’s
premises if their electrical installation is not
electrically sound, eg earthing, insulation
resistance, polarity.

Consider getting the work done by a trained professional if you are not competent

electrician in plymouth

Electrician Plymouth – Call Free 0800 093 5537

Sunday, January 9th, 2011
Electrician Plymouth. PATAFIT provide top quality electrical services in Plymouth and surrounding areas at a great price. Get your job off to a great start. Call us now free 0800 093 5537

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Electrical Safety Device

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

As I pointed out before electricity can be very dangerous. Here is some helpful advice from the HSE:

Always use a RCD device with portable electrical tools and appliances.

If equipment operating at 230 volts or higher is used, an RCD (residual current device) can provide additional safety. An RCD is a device which detects some, but not all, faults in the electrical system and rapidly switches off the supply. The best place for an RCD is built into the main switchboard or the socket-outlet, as this means that the supply cables are permanently protected.

If this is not possible a plug incorporating an RCD, or a plug-in RCD adaptor, can also provide additional safety.RCDs for protecting people have a rated tripping current (sensitivity) of not more than 30 milliamps (mA).

  • Remember: an RCD is a valuable safety device, never bypass it;
  • if the RCD trips, it is a sign there is a fault. Check the system before using it again;
  • if the RCD trips frequently and no fault can be found in the system, consult the manufacturer of the RCD;
  • the RCD has a test button to check that its mechanism is free and functioning. Use this regularly.

Following this advice could save your or another member of your familys life.

Electricians Plymouth

Cheapest Electricity

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

When considering how to save money on electricity there is more to consider than just the cost per unit.

Sure the cost per unit contributes to what you pay but there is more to consider.

I’m talking about efficiency here…

Whenever you use electricity you are paying for the function that you want plus the inefficiency of the appliance.

All appliances produce waste heat as a byproduct of whatever function they are providing e.g anything with an electric motor produces just as much heat as mechanical energy. They are generally only around 50% efficient!

But what if you are trying to produce heat? Electric heaters are usually close to 100% efficient because the waste produced is actually useful i.e. heat. However the inefficiency comes in keeping the heat in your home rather than letting it escape by conduction through the fabric of the building or as hot air through openings.

Consider having your home insulated including the roof and walls. Think about energy efficient windows. These measures will save you energy on and money. You will also reduce the damage to the planet by CO2 production.

Cheapest Electricity