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Gifts for Dogs & Dog Owners – Gifts Will That Will Be Loved & Appreciated

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

If you know someone who has a dog, then you will find buying them a gift for their favourite companion will go down well. If you are a dog owner then hey their part of the family so don’t let them feel left out.

Here are some great gift ideas most are not expensive but they will certainly be appreciated.

Gifts For Dogs

There are many ways to make your dog feel part of the festive season.

It’s always a great time of year to buy them a coat, new basket or as a special treat make sure they have some dog cookies.

There are plenty of nutritious dog treats and many suppliers who provide a huge variety that your dog will enjoy.

It’s a tasty treat and a perfect gift for dogs and most are nutritious to!

Gifts for dog owners

As we all know most dog owners love their dogs, so why not give them a present for birthday or Christmas that will be related to their special friend?

They will appreciate the gesture and there are many to choose from including:

Christmas and birthday cards

With a message from a four legged friend to touch their owners hearts with joy.


Another inexpensive gift but one that will be appreciated.

There are many that are beautiful illustrated and are a constant reminder to their owner throughout the year of a wonderful companion and friend.


These can be either about the breed and include beautiful pictures, tips on training health etc or they can be stories with dogs as the main characters.

The latter are particularly loved by children.

What better gift for a child that a story to remind them of their special friend?

There are many great stories about dogs and their adventures and many of them are true and show unswerving devotion, love, bravery and loyalty.

Who wasn’t touched by stories of Lassie or 101 Dalmatians as child?

In fact, many people still love these stories as adults – as stories of animals can sometimes touch us more than stories with people.

A gift that will be appreciated

So, if you want to treat your pet, or you know someone who has a treasured companion, the above are just a few of the gifts you can give them that will make any dog or owner feel appreciated.

Sacha Tarkovsky

Anaheim, Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga Attorney Advises Employers How to Protect Themselves Against Employee Threats of Lawsuits

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

As a San Diego, Orange County and Palm Desert employment attorney, even with all the advice given to employers about being politically correct with their employee relations in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, even with news stories in Anaheim and Irvine, legal verdicts in Santa Ana and Indio, and comedy routines on the television in Los Angeles, and San Diego, employers on occasion still do the stupidest things to or with their employees in California.


At the same time, there are now employees out there, probably in Anaheim, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Long Beach, Riverside, Chula Vista, and perhaps in Huntington Beach or Laguna Beach, who are thinking about using the law to their advantage to extort money from their employers.


This type of extortion can happen whether your place of business is in Palm Springs or Palm Desert, La Jolla, Del Mar, Carlsbad, El Cajon or anywhere else in San Diego, in Mission Beach, Yorba Linda, Garden Grove, Fullerton, Irvine or anywhere else in Orange County and even in cities such as Fullerton, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino, Fontana, Temecula and not just in major cities like Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Ventura, Oxnard or Santa Barbara.


The scenario goes something like this. The employer is threatened by an employee that unless he pays a certain sum of money, the employee will go to the police and to a lawyer telling them that the employer demanded sex in return for either continued employment, a better job, or some other advancement.Unless the employer pays, he will be faced with certain embarrassment, damage to reputation and business, horrendous legal fees that he is almost certainly not insured against, and perhaps damage to a relationship at home. Extortion, plain and simple.


Add these facts and it becomes even worse. The employee has been a model employee for years. The employer has never had to issue the employee with a warning letter. The employee has consistently received raises and bonuses. If the employer attempts to now construct a different picture of the employee as a conniving extortionist, it will not be believed.


Is there anything an employer can do to protect himself against this scenario? Yes.


Employers can purchase Employment Practices Liability Insurance. It is available through most insurance agents yet few employers are either told about it or purchase the coverage.


What EPLI does, is insure the employer against claims of sexual harassment, sexual, racial, age, and other types of discrimination, wrongful termination and any number of other employment claims such as the “hostile environment” claim that forces an employee to quit. And then sue.


Having such insurance also provides for legal defense of the employer. Legal fees in an employment discrimination case can easily reach $50,000 within months, and well over $100,000 in litigation that lasts years as it often does.


While employment lawsuits often settle either prior to or in the course of litigation, it only takes one lawsuit for an employer to realize how much better it would have been had he purchased Employment Practices Liability Insurance at a premium cost of a few thousand dollars a year.


If you don’t have this type of insurance when this type of scenario plays out, or haven’t been able to buy it, the damage to your reputation can still be limited with a strong and vigorous defense by an employment attorney. Just because this type of allegation is being made against an employer doesn’t mean that the media will automatically run with the story, especially when you have an attorney stating that the allegations are without any basis in fact (if that is indeed the case).


If someone has made a threat to sue you for an employment related claim, don’t wait until you’ve been sued to contact an employment lawyer.If you have an employment law issue in San Diego, Long Beach, in San Diego, Palm Springs or anywhere in Southern California, we have the knowledge and resources to be your Anaheim Employment Lawyers, and Orange County, San Diego and Ontario Employment Attorneys. For this reason, be sure to hire a California law firm with employment lawyers who can represent you from Palm Springs, Laguna, Newport and Huntington Beach, Corona del Mar, Anaheim, Irvine, La Quinta, Palm Desert, Yorba Linda, Carlsbad, San Diego, Costa Mesa, Westminster, Murrieta, to Chula Vista, and Coachella.


If you have an employment law issue, and need to know your rights, call the Law Offices of R. Sebastian Gibson, or visit our website at  and learn how we can assist you. You can also call us to speak directly to Sebastian Gibson on the phone about your legal matter.

R. Sebastian Gibson

Killer on the Loose

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

What dreams, goals, or desires do you have that are always being put off for some reason or another?

I was at a meeting the other day where a good friend of mine gave a presentation about some things they have been doing in their local community which are having a great impact.

They said that when they first started they didn’t have a clue about what to do or even how to begin. They simply saw a need in the community and started to do whatever they could do to meet that need. This past Christmas they were able to get a group of people together to sponsor 10 single mothers, providing them and their children with food and Christmas presents.

What my friend had to say was impacting and inspiring.

At the end of the presentation, my friend opened it up for comments and questions. There was a couple that raised their hands to ask a question and to share some of their own experiences. At one point they stated that they were very inspired and that, as soon as they had more resources, they wanted to start doing something similar in their own community.

The moment they said that, I wondered if they would really ever accomplish anything like it. My friend had just explained that when they first got started they didn’t have any resources, and it appeared that this couple had not grasped what was said.

How many times you have done something similar to this?

You had a great idea for a business, community outreach, or a personal goal that you wanted to reach. Maybe you have even heard of, or talked to someone, who has accomplished exactly what you want to do and it inspires you even more. But, at the end of the day, there is always an excuse as to why you can’t do it right now.

You don’t have enough time, money, experience, help, or resources. You get so excited about your dream but you never go after it with all your heart and efforts.

Here’s a little secret…

If you intend to do something great in life, it will never look like there is enough time, money, experience, help, or resources.

If you are waiting for everything to line up perfectly before you get started…it will never happen.

Here are 3 keys to help you to realize your greatness:

1. Talk to successful people.

You will be amazed at what struggles and obstacles these very successful people had to overcome. They will give you personal stories about how they had a dream or desire that, at times, seemed would never happen. And they will also tell you how they decided to just dive in and get started, and how they broke through all the barriers. Surround yourself with people who will inspire and motivate you in the journey to your dream.

2. Read

Read autobiographies about successful people and successful companies. These books are packed with true stories of amazing triumph and perseverance. Many times when these people or companies are in the news, it’s easy to think that if you were in their position, THEN you would be able to succeed. These books will shed a new light on their journey towards success.

3. Just Start

There will always be some element of fear when you get started. When you first begin, most likely you won’t be able to do everything that you see in your dream. That is normal. Every great thing has a process to it, but you are the one who has to get the ball rolling, even if you feel like you are pushing it uphill.

So what are you waiting for?

Just get started.

Jason Osborn

List of the Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Kids

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

There are a ton of great toys that are coming out this Christmas. Every kid wants to have the top toys. So, what I’m going to do is share with you a list of the top 10 Christmas gifts for kids. That way, you can get your kids the best toys this year.

The top 10 Christmas gifts for kids are:

1. Bakugan Battle Pack. This is one of the toys that a lot of kids want for Christmas this year. This is a fun game for kids. You should get this for your kids. They will love it.

2. Transformers Optimus Prime. This is an awesome toy. It’s the replica of Optimus Prime off of the hit movie, Transformers. It’s one of the best Transformer toys to have come out in a long time.

3. Kidizoom Digital Camera. This is a great toy for little kids. This digital camera is very durable. This is a great gift for kids who want their own camera. The picture quality is great. So, if your child wants their own camera, this is a great gift for them.

4. Fur Real Biscuit My Lovin Pups. This toy looks like a real dog. Kids love Biscuit My Lovin Pup. This is a great gift for a kid who wants a dog.

5. Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table. This is a great toy for small children. It helps them learn and develop motor skills. Your child will love this gift.

6. LEGO Mindstorm NXT. This is one of the best out of the top 10 Christmas gifts for kids. This toy is educational and fun. Your kids will enjoy playing with this gift.

7. Xbox 360 Console. This is a great gift for kids. It’s actually a great gift for you and your kids. They have all sorts of games you can play. This is perfect if you want to spend time with your children.

8. Hannah Montana Malibu Beach House. This is a gift that a lot of little girls want for Christmas. If you want to get your little princess a great Christmas gift this year, you should get this for her.

9. Speed Racer Sky Jump Track Set. This is a great gift for your little guy. A lot of little boys want this gift for Christmas.

10. Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster. This is a great toy. If you have ever purchased a Nerf toy before, you know just how much fun these toys can be. If you want your kids to have fun over and over with their toys, you should get this gift for them.

These are the top 10 Christmas gifts for kids. If you want to see your kid’s face light up on Christmas day, you should get them the gifts mentioned above. They will be the happiest kids this year.

Tony Smith

The First Christmas: Learn Hindi with subtitles – Story for Children “”

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

The star of Bethlehem recounts how the three Kings and some shepherds travel across the desert to meet baby Jesus.

For more stories and more languages visit:

Download the Free BookBox iPhone App in Hindi:

Duration : 0:5:26


‘Twas The Night Before Christmas – A Classic Christmas Story

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

This is perhaps the most famous Christmas story of all time – set to beautiful pictures and relaxing music.

Duration : 0:3:15


Letter From Santa

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 Visit us to get your letter from Santa.

Duration : 0:1:42


The Bible Christmas Story by Adam Hoggatt

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Check out the Wise Men – priceless!

Part of the the Open Source Spirituality & Religion collection –

I have added additional credits to Adam’s fantastic work – as he left the following message on his page at – (please close any gaps in the URL):

“In the credits for the Christmas Story video I mistakenly left out one credit that should have been in there: Music by – Braden Studhalter

He is a talented musician and allowed me the use of some of his music for this and other projects. Sorry for the mistake and thanks Braden!”

Everything used here is either Open Source (with attribution) or in the public domain.

I have Adam Hoggatt’s written permission to upload this file.

Additional gif for the end credits:
Ted Kuik –

NB: The only editing I did was to add the end credits and gif. Adam did ALL of the work as shown on his original credits. I take no credit for any of that!

Thanks Adam for your kind permission to post this video on my channel.

Duration : 0:4:59


How The Grinch Stole Christmas movie

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

In the microscopical city of Whoville, everyone celebrates Christmas with much happiness and joy, with the exception of the cynical and misanthropic Grinch (Jim Carrey), who despises Christmas and the Whos with great wrath and occasionally pulls dangerous and harmful practical jokes on them. As a result, no one likes or cares for him.

Duration : 1:45:2


Can Anybody give some good christmas stories or pictures?

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

I would like to see some of the best stories available, i need to be put back into the christmas spirit. Thank you….

I am looking for for funny or just serious true stories that has impacted your life or that has just mad you laugh.

You honestly just helped Me out so much. I have been in such a rut. Just wanted Christmas to be over. And then I read Your question.

In 2003 my Brother was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer. During Christmas He was hospitalized, and the cancer had taken His eye sight. He had no Christmas feast, just an I.V.. We ate at a restaurant, it was all a blur. He died four days after Christmas on the 29th, and four days later my best Friend died. I have been so wrapped up in Their losses and missing Them. But now I know, how very fortunate that I was to have Them with me that one last Christmas. To see them, and hold them. Christmas is love, and I love them so very much. Thank You so much for putting me back on the right path. They truly would have wanted it that way.

Merry Christmas…….and God bless