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Tell your worst Christmas Stories/Events/Shit that happened to you?

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Mine: This year and last year, my sister waited till the week before Christmas to tell my parents that I continue to smoke weed, which has resulted in me getting nothing for Christmas. And 3 years ago I got caught shoplifting in April, which resulted in me not getting anything for my birthday (May, 17) or Christmas.

I know Christmas isn’t about gifts, but 3 years without getting anything is kinda discouraging.

That’s tough man. Count yourself lucky you’ve decent parents who’re trying to protect you, eventhough weed is harmless.

Mine: Well up till I was 8 years old I always got presents, they were always shit but still..and just to give ye a bit of background my dad is a borderline alcoholic and my mom just flips totally at him and she’s probably up to some shit too. Anyway we’re always flat broke. Anyway back to my story when it came to the christmas when I was 9, suprise no presents. Me being a shorty I was gutted and mom just says your dad drank all the presents money last night. He’d tell him yourself only he’s f*cking p*ssing his pants like a dog in bed….I’ll never ever forget those words. 9 years on and that day is still fresh in my mind. Then as the christmases went by the less I really cared until my baby brother aged 5 now (by my parents, ya big suprise aint it) was old enough to know about santa so somebody had to get him something. It’s only right. My older bro (19) to put it straight doesn’t give a f*ck about this family. So every year since my little brother was fairly young I’d get him little toys and stuff. It’s better than anything I ever got but f*ck it I feel awful having to see him with his friends when it feels like they’re like getting platinum and we’ve got coal. They’re enjoy homies.

Know any good, short Christmas Stories?

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

My family does an annual Christmas talent show, and this year I am going to illustrate a Christmas story. I am searching for a good story that is very short, only a paragraph or two. Preferably one that is not already illustrated. Any ideas?

Make up your own! Base it on one of your favorite Christmas memories you have with your family. That way, its personal and gets your family interested.

Making a letter from santa to younger sibling?

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

she is 5. I thought it would be a good idea to make her a letter from santa, telling her how could she has been, and thanks for the milk and cookies, but what else can i say to make the letter really special? are there any sites? or can you tell me what to say? thank you. god bless. and merry christmas<3
im printing it, in a handwriting looking font :)

I did that for my son, i used the letter he wrote santa for help on what to say.. i just thanked him for his letter and told him he has been a good boy most of the year except for a few incidents (name one) i also told him to keep up the good work and not to fight with his cousin and aunts (i have 9 an 11 year old sisters lol) I also mentioned that santa cant fit all the toys in his sled(he wanted a car he can drive.. not gonnahappen!) There are plenty of sites to help though.. a few already mentioned in these answers. My mom pointed out the fact it looked like my handwriting lol, luckily he is only 5 an doesnt recognize it!

I put it in a red felt bag and glued a snowflake address to the outside, i added a christmas pen and a candy cane, i put it in the mailbox an had him check the mail with me, he was sooooo thrilled!

Needing help with character names for children’s Christmas story?

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

I’m writing a short story for the kids in our family (total of 8 under 12 yrs old) for Christmas this year and in need of "first and last names" (Middle names too if you’d like to include them as well) for the following characters….
Setting USA,1930′s,depression era…
#1 main char. = 8 yr old boy,orphaned at birth,lives with foster family,no other kids,adventurous,well behaved,loves the thought of the sea yet never has seen it…dark hair & eyes.
#2 char. = 9 yr old boy,comes from good family, only child,bold & defiant,rebellious,musically talented,brown hair & eyes
#3 char. = 8 yr old girl,comes from family of 10 kids,tomboy type,athletic,dreams of owning a Bakery,miss know it all,blonde hair & blue eyes
#4 char. = 11 yr old girl, shy, smart,comes from broken family,has little brother not living with her now,dreams of being in the theatre/acting,follows the crowd,dark hair & eyes
#5 char. = storekeeper, middle aged man with glasses,dark hair & beard,very friendly
#6 char. = post master, elderly man, white hair & beard & mustache.,
jolly with boisterous laugh
#7 char. = school teacher, middle aged woman,graying hair,dark eyes,
stern personality,quiet natured
All your help is appreciated!=)

I found a site that is pretty interesting.… It has the most popular baby names from the 1920′s. (I did 20′s since your character would have been born in the 20′s but you can put whatever year the character is born in)

Here’s my opinions :)

#1 – Owen Mason
#2 – Max Harrison
#3 – Norma Grant
#4 – Olive Edwards
#5 – Ralph Woods
#6 – Elmer Reid
#7 – Mrs. Dorthy Wilson

Good Luck & God Bless! Happy writing!

What Christmas movie has a mouse that chews up part of the church organ?

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

A friend told me about a very cute movie where a mouse chews up parts of the organ in church, so they have no music for Christmas. She said the name of the movie was The Christmas Mouse, but I can’t find it anywhere on Google.

The Church Mouse of St Nicholas