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You are going to love this Beautiful and Unique Christmas Story. So without further ado:

As children get older they stop believing in Santa the Spirit of Christmas. I met such a person, thanks to a letter I received from his daughter who did believe in me.    

     It was probably one of the biggest challenges of my life, as I had to leave my magical environment and face a hard drinking cynical man who believed he had lost everything.    

    How could I convince this man that he had received the greatest gift a man could receive, a family and he was about to throw it all away. Luckily the innocence of his Child believed like all Children do, that I would deliver her wish. I could not let her down.

     I was determined that I would fulfil her unique special request that was written in her letter, she wrote to me, asking me to return her daddy home before Christmas;

Little did I know what lay ahead of me! Let me tell what happened.

It was only 7 days to go before Christmas Eve, I was at home in the North Pole frantically working out in my gym, practicing my technique for dropping down chimneys without the possibility of getting stuck. I knew I had to get fit, as the task to deliver presents throughout the world is a tough one.

     Mrs Claus my dear wife arrived with the morning post, and informed me of the exciting news that my Story Book had arrived from the publishers! She was the one that convinced me to chronicle the History of Santa’s Village so that the children of the world could benefit from my experiences.

     Suddenly, Yodule the Ice Cream Elf came running in, in a rather agitated state of panic. ”Santa, Harry the Snowman has run away!” I calmly reassured Yodule that there was nothing to worry about and that I will personally sort out Harry’s problems and bring him back home safe and sound. I told Yodule to alert the elves and begin a search, whilst I headed back to the stable for my sleigh.

     I took to the skies to find Harry and as I looked down I could see him alone in the snow heading away from Santa’s village.

     I flew down and landed beside him but he ignored me and just kept walking. “Jump aboard Harry” I beckoned, but he just kept on walking away. I shouted again, “Harry please listen to me!” He slowly turned around with a tear in his eye. “Harry,” I said, “There comes a point in everybody’s life when they feel like running away but that is not the answer. Please tell Santa your troubles.” Harry broke down, “No one ever listens to me, no one has time for me,” sobbing quietly, “I am just a stupid worthless snowman.”

     I walked over to Harry and hugged him. “Harry my boy, you are not worthless. Dry your eyes and wipe your face. I am going to show you, how important you really are. Jump aboard!”

     I looked at Rudolph and he had his head hung low. “Rudolph, take to the skies” I ordered. Rudolph looked up and smiled and off we went to prove to Harry how important he was.

     As we travelled around the world I showed Harry millions of Snowmen all built by children having fun with the help of their friends and family. I told him “Building snowmen brings people together. Imagine a Christmas without a snowman. Imagine our family without you. Come on Harry let’s go home where you belong. Rudolph, take us home.” I commanded.

    The mood changed and everybody was happy.  We approached the North Pole I looked down from the sleigh and I could see written in the snow, in huge letters




     Everybody from Santa’s Village was there to welcome Harry back home. This made Harry so happy.

     I thought to myself, “Harry could have made a big mistake by running away and that is not the answer. Just talk to someone and you will find a caring spirit who has time for you and truly cares.”

   Having returned a happier Harry back to the fold, I moved to the more pressing task of reading my mail, still excited about the news of my story book.


    As I thumbed through the book, being quite pleased with myself, I noticed a burnt letter lying in the mail delivery, obviously sent up a chimney; it was from a little girl called Alley.  The contents of this letter greatly disturbed me.


Dear Santa.

                  My Daddy has lost his job and he has changed, he argues with Mommy and he has left home. The only present I want this year is for you to bring my Daddy home; he’s the best Daddy in the world. I can’t wait until Christmas Morning when you bring him home.

                                                                                                     Alley aged 7.


      I turned to Mrs Claus and asked in distress. ”Can you pack my bag my dear? I need to go to the City. It appears that the people have lost their Christmas spirit! I have also received a letter from a little girl called Alley, asking for her Daddy to come back home, and be part of their family again. I need to find this man and return him home.”

Alley Writing to Santa

Alley Writing to Santa

The Story will Continue …. Watch this space

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