A Wonderful Life on 34th St. – Part 2

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I immediately set off in my talking car Stancer, knowing that Mr’s Clause would worry about me leaving our village so close to Christmas but it was something I had to do. I was in total control in the North Pole but I knew the City was a tough place; would I be able to cope?

On the way I tried to work out how I could persuade Alley’s father to return home. I had persuaded Harry to come home but this would be a much harder task. I was also unaware that Yodule my adopted son the Ice Cream Elf had hid himself in the trunk of the car. During the journey I explained to Stancer that since it was so close to Christmas I was going to share my new storybook with the children in the shopping mall but most of all I must find Alley’s father.

As I drove I was thinking about my book and also Alley’s father then I realised the book is not just for children it is for everyone and the messages that it carries would hopefully influence people to realise the benefit of a family.
       When we arrived at the city, I noticed a sign in a shop window; ‘SANTA WANTED’ at the same time, I noticed a Santa look-a -like being evicted from the very same store and to my surprise it was Alley’s father.  I took pity on the poor fellow and realised the task ahead would not be an easy one.

Stancer the Santa Mobile

Stancer the Santa Mobile

      After enquiring about the job, and being duly accepted, I insisted that the manager should take pity on the other fellow, and re-employ him as a gesture of goodwill, it is after all Christmas!  The manager agreed, and offered the other Mall Santa who was Alley’s father, the job of store Janitor.

I was now employed as the Mall Santa with access to Alley’s father’s emotions and hopefully I would be able to guide him and help him regain his self-confidence.

 Maybe if I read him a story or two it may get him into the Christmas spirit, I thought, I was really proud of my book, but would people believe in it. I was yet to find out.  Maybe I was being a bit to optimistic.

As I started my first afternoon as the Mall Santa I observed the crowds in the mall and noticed a distinct absence of any Christmas spirit. I was suddenly distracted by a commotion out in the street.  I went to the store entrance to see what all the fuss was about. I then found a Traffic Cop trying to pin a parking ticket on Stancer my talking car, but the mischievous little car was having none of it, and so, a crowd started to gather, greatly amused by his teasing of the hapless lady Traffic Cop. The adults were also distracted by this unexpected comedy show. This is what I heard; Stancer my Talking car spoke first.

“Hey Lady don’t you touch my body work.”

The Traffic Cop looked behind her to see who was talking. As she turned away Stancer stood on his back wheels and took a bow. The Children notice this exhibition and they surrounded the car.

Yodule Hidden in the Trunk cried out.

“Stancer what is happening, tell me please what is happening?”

“Yodule I am going to have some fun with the Traffic Lady, Listen.”

 “Please don’t give me a ticket Lady I’m just a very old car”.

Stancer looked ever so sad, a tear flowed from his headlight, and then he turned and smiled at the children. The traffic lady then tried to put the ticket on the windscreen and Stancer’s washers covered the Lady in Water as she dropped her pen. The Children laughed and the lady bent down to pick up her pen. Stancer sounded his horn, which made the lady jump back. The second time she reached across to put a ticket on the windscreen, the car moved back and she fell forward. The Lady was bewildered as the audience was on the side of the car. The last attempt she tried again, then Stancer sounded his horn so loudly she jumped. She then turned to the children and said, “Well its Christmas maybe I should tear up the ticket”. The audience applauded and Stancer accepted the applause politely. The traffic warden left the scene, passing Santa, now standing at the Door.

“Merry Christmas Santa” said the traffic cop “No one likes Traffic cops, if I told anyone it’s now the cars that don’t like me, would anyone believe me? Maybe I should get another job?”

Well the appearance of me standing at the doorway attracted and excited the children.  I returned into the store, and the children followed. I saw this as a great opportunity to sit down and read the children my first story.

“Who wants a story I shouted”, but the response was poor, so I started to read in any case and the children one by one started to sit down and listen. I told them a story about when I was little boy and I was a bit of a failure, but by being good, everything turned out well. This was my first attempt to make Alley’s Dad realise that life is not always good but there is always hope. I began to read the story.

“There are days, when I am sitting quietly alone by the fireside; I often think what do people really think of me?  Now I want you all to look at me and ask yourselves, do you like me?  Do I look jolly?  Well, I hope the answer to those questions is YES!” The children nodded their heads in agreement.

I continued in my warmest voice, “During these quiet moments I also get very nostalgic, and I remember a time long ago when, as a little boy I was not jolly at all.  In fact, I was so unhappy because I thought I was never any good at anything!  As hard as I tried, I was never top of the class, I was never picked for the football team, and I couldn’t even run as fast as the other boys and girls.

One day, feeling very unhappy and sorry for myself I decided to take a walk, on my own, to the enchanted forest.

Feeling ever so miserable, I walked with my head held down, hands in my pockets and stubbing my toes into the ground when suddenly I saw a beautiful robin red breast, lying still in the grass. He had a broken wing, “oh, you poor thing” I said softly as I picked him up gently.  “Where do you live little robin?  Tell me and I will take you home immediately.” The robin looked at me sadly and said, “I live in the castle at the end of the rainbow.” 

Just then, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky, a perfect arc made of the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet!  There were seven colours in all, and do you know how I remember them?  In school I was taught a phrase which goes like this; Richard of York Gained Battles in Vain! That’s how I remembered the colours. So, perhaps I wasn’t bottom of the class after all!

Now I may have thought of myself as an unhappy lonely boy who was no good at anything, but even then I always wanted to be kind and helpful, and so with little robin red breast cradled safely in my hands, I started to follow the rainbow.  For miles I walked, uphill and down dale, across rivers and though valleys until daylight passed, and the sky started to turn dark!  Suddenly, in the distance there it was, a beautiful, magical castle perched high on a hill, surrounded by Christmas trees whose twinkling lights seemed to dance in the moonlight!  At last I had found the end of the rainbow!

I walked up the hill in wonder at the beautiful and enchanting sight before me, hardly believing my eyes, and pushed firmly on the huge golden gates at the entrance of the castle until they opened wide as if they were expecting me!  Imagine my surprise when, as if by magic, the little robin flew out of my hand, his wing no longer broken, and perched on the branch of a tree. 

Standing next to the tree was the shadowy figure of an old man. I looked closer I realised it was Old Father Time! “Welcome little Santa” he said in a kind but firm voice, “we have been waiting for your arrival for a thousand years, and tonight you have proved to us, with your kindness, that you are the true spirit of Christmas!”

“But I am just a sad, lonely little boy who is not good at anything” I exclaimed rather forlornly!  “That is nonsense what is more important is that you are good at being good. You’re are a kind, thoughtful little boy, and from this day forward, you will be known as Santa Clause, the spirit of Christmas, and everyone will love you, and believe in you.” For the first time in my life I felt good, and happy, and it didn’t really matter anymore whether I was the fastest or the cleverest, what really mattered was that I would always do my best to be good to others.

Although this happened many years ago, whenever I feel sad, or that perhaps I am not good at anything, I remember the kind words of Old Father Time, when he told me “you only have to be good at being good” and I realise I am good at what I do best!  I was reminded of this yesterday when someone shouted after me, “Hey Santa, you are the greatest guy on the planet!” to which I replied, “There is a Santa in all of us, all we have to do is find him within our hearts! So, next time you see a rainbow, remember my story, and try to find the goodness of Santa within your own heart.”

By the end of the Story I had quite an audience and I noticed Alley’s Dad Jim, had been listening.  Jim turned to me and spoke these words….

To be continued – watch this space!

Christmas Magic !

Christmas Magic !

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Click here for free book

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