It’s A Wonderful Life on 34th St. Pt 3

Santa's Grotto

Santa's Grotto

If you haven’t read parts 1 and 2 of the story then please go back and check it out.

If you have read the previous parts then…. sit back, relax, take a deep breath and make yourself comfy…. Here’s the story


“Thank you buddy, for persuading the manager to let me keep a job. This place is awful, huh, some Happy Shopping Mall, no Christmas Spirit, full of unruly teenagers, but I do need a job thanks. Anyway my name is Jim, What’s yours?”

“I’m Santa pleased to meet you.”

“Santa!!!!!  What’s your real name?”

“Sorry I forgot I was in the city, my name is Nicholas”.

“Well Nick, that story was good; you really cheered those young boys up, I really enjoyed it too, you are quite convincing. You know Nick when I was at school, I was the opposite to that story, I was the best at everything and look at me now, all washed up. Nick would you lend me a couple of Dollars I need a drink.”

I put my hand on Jim’s shoulder reassuringly and we headed down the street

“Come on Jim I’ll buy you a drink”

At bar and I pulled out A Hundred-Dollar Bill and handed it to Jim saying.

“I don’t usually carry money, but Mr’s Clause insisted that I needed money for the city. I usually give presents not money. Imagine if everybody gave money at Christmas I would be out of a job.”

Jim went to the bar and ordered a double whisky and shouted to me.

“Hey Nick what you’re having.”

“A small Brandy please” I replied

As Jim returned from the bar I continued

 “I usually have a small mince pie when I have a Brandy Ho! Ho! Ho!”

“Yeah !!! and a carrot for Rudolph” Jim retorted playfully.

“Yes Jim, Rudolph I do miss him”

“Nick. Don’t get me wrong you are a knock out, You are good at being Santa but do you not think you are taking it a bit to far?”

“Jim – I’m only being myself.”

Jim then downed his drink and ordered another one.

“Another Brandy Nick?”

“No Jim, too much Alcohol is bad for you. I could tell you a story about to much Alcohol but I must go, you enjoy your night and I will see you at work in the morning. Take care”.

I left and headed towards Stancer, i got in, flicked a switch and the car turned into a bedroom with a giant television screen. I contacted Mr’s Clause.


 I’ve found Jim, deep down he’s a good guy but he is, a little boy who has just lost his way. I believe I can help him.

I saId Good Night to Mr’s Clause and I felt vulnerable in this big city. I lay in my bed thinking these are tough men in tough times, how can I persuade Alley’s Dad to return home.

I remember when I first met him when he was a little boy and he was a good boy, You know I have been so lucky I have met every child in the world, I then realised there is a still a child in all of us and as we grow up we hide that child. I then started to feel confident that the stories in my book would hopefully soften the hardest hearts. I slowly fell asleep.

      As the days went on I found out more about Alley’s Dad, Jim. He was a good guy; charming, funny, polite but he had lost his job and his self-confidence. Everything was getting on top of him and he was spiralling downwards. I knew I had a challenge as at times he was cynical and I found myself the butt of all his jokes. I accepted this, as I was the stranger in this metropolis.

      The next couple of days the crowds grew in huge numbers to listen to the Stories and to see Stancer this incredible car. There were even rumours going around, that a monster had been seen?

The Mall Manager was now happy. His store was full and he decided to get into the Christmas Spirit by fixing the Christmas Lights, I was finally getting somewhere. He even told me I was the best Santa he had ever employed. Thank goodness I thought.

      After the Mall finally closed Jim invited me back to his flat. As we walked along 34th Street I again felt vulnerable, as on every corner there were street gangs.  As we passed each one, comments were passed about my attire and me but the presence of Jim made me feel safe. I could tell he was not a person you could mess with; in fact he was very protective. What had made such a man leave his family?

When we arrived at his appartment it looked very humble or should I say seedy but I did noticed on the fire place totally out of place, a beautiful picture of Jim with his family. I enquired about them but Jim turned cold and did not want to speak about them. This was going to be harder than I thought

       I asked him if I could read him another Story thinking to myself here’s a guy who is scared of no one yet I am offering to read him a bedtime story. He laughed and agreed as long as I would buy him another drink.

To be continued ….. Watch this space to hear Santa’s next story

Great Gift Idea!

Great Gift Idea!


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