Where are you Movie Producers and Screen Writers?

Future Classic Christmas Movie

Future Classic Christmas Movie

If you have been reading the previous posts which serialised the Wonderful life on 34th Street Story you will understand this next post. If you haven’t read the stories – you are missing out – really – go back and check it out. Either scroll down or click the previous post arrow near the top of the screen.

Arguably, the two greatest Christmas films of all time are “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Miracle on 34th Street.”

Miracle on 34th Street was remade but it seems that no producer, not even Spielberg would ever attempt to remake “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

Now a script has hit the Hollywood Streets that can only be described, as “It’s a Wonderful Life on 34th Street” a story Charles Dickens would be proud of.

Comparisons have been drawn between Santa and Clarence whilst Jim, has many similarities to it’s a wonderful life’s George.

Whilst the whole question of belief in Santa is a central theme rather like ‘A Miracle on 34th Street.’

Yes! The ingredients to make another Christmas Classic to equal the Christmas Masterpieces are featured in this story.

The story is set in today’s climate of uncertainty where family morals are at their lowest. Jim the main character whose life had always been on a crest of a wave now faces the biggest challenge of his life – failure.

He had received the greatest gift a man could receive a family but he was about to throw it all away.

Jim’s daughter put all her faith in Santa Claus when she secretly posted a letter up the chimney asking Santa to return her wayward father believing, as all children do, that her present will be delivered.

This story poses the age old question ”Do You Believe?”

When this movie gets made you will leave the theatre with no doubt in your mind!

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