Twas The Night Before Christmas

Santa reads 6 Christmas Stories for Children on DVD. This is a sample version of one of those stories.

If you would like to purchase the full 6 story DVD you may for $10 plus S&H.

Thank you and hope you enjoy!

Duration : 0:3:17

[youtube AYFUH-Ex19s]

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25 Responses to “Twas The Night Before Christmas”

  1. silverassassin24 says:

    merry christmas …
    merry christmas from wisconsin!!

  2. southsidesman says:

    11:56pm, December …
    11:56pm, December 24, 2011… so, uhh… they talking about right now?

  3. wildtime200 says:

    you ROCK santa !!! …
    you ROCK santa !!!!!!

  4. MUSHEDkeiran says:

    evil 2:25
    evil 2:25

  5. ladyrina20 says:

    i love you …
    i love you christmas, best story, best santa:)

  6. KRUGE67 says:

    read by grisly …
    read by grisly Adams no less !!

  7. FernandezD90 says:

    Wow. You’d make …
    Wow. You’d make good friends with Gandalf and Dumbledore.

  8. FernandezD90 says:

    Wow. You’d make …
    Wow. You’d make good friends with Gandalf and Dumbledore.

  9. thehannah457 says:


  10. cog593 says:

    I’m doing a …
    I’m doing a Christmas project for school and I’m sharing this link. I think all of my classmates, my teacher, and my future students would LOVE this video! Great job Santa!! See you soon :-)

  11. BlackWolfSundiya says:

    Santa, this is an …
    Santa, this is an amazing video. My family reads The Night Before Christmas every year and hearing you read it makes Christmas delightful.
    Thank You very very much

  12. leyia2008 says:

    i love this story!! …
    i love this story!!!!! its my favorite christmas story!!!!!!

  13. superoceanprincess says:

    Thumbs up if you …
    Thumbs up if you watched this in November!

  14. Ginfrcali says:

    Im sorry im crying! …
    Im sorry im crying! i used to LOVE to hear my mom read me this story on Christmas night! I still do but i just wish Christmas would come faster! i MISS IT SOOOOOO MUCH!!! THE LIGHTS THE PRESENTS SPENDING TIME AT GRANDMAS!!! what would we do without this holiday? i wish there was a love button!

  15. Winkel1010 says:

    Agree,many thanks, …
    Agree,many thanks,great things ahead!
    3 months 2 go… :)

  16. GhostbustersisCool says:

    I have this …
    I have this Christmas Cartoon and it’s Awesome!!! I Love Christmas and it doesn’t matter how old you are!!! I Can’t Wait to buy Egg-Nog because Everyyear I look forward to that. The Egg-Nog comes to stores 2 weeks before Halloween and I Love the smell of Egg-Nog and I Love the taste of Egg-Nog!!!

  17. GhostbustersRocks says:

    I Love this book! …
    I Love this book! Twas The Night Before Christmas!!! I have the cartoon with Frosty’s Winter WonderLand!!! I Love Christmas!!! I Wish that Christmas was 24/7 because it doesn’t matter how old you are! I Love Egg-Nog as Well! I Can’t Wait to buy Egg-Nog this year!!!

  18. Puertoricanlegacy says:

    Jewish Santa?
    Jewish Santa?

  19. rastmajere says:

    Loved it thanks. …
    Loved it thanks. Merry Christmas!

  20. cyndaquil1595 says:

    8 people were …
    8 people were naughty this year

  21. murinx2 says:

    Well done. Many …
    Well done. Many versions leave out the Pipe!

  22. bbabygirl196515 says:

    thanks santa! this …
    thanks santa! this hepled me pass a test:)

  23. kayla321844 says:

    omg i love you …
    omg i love you santa 

  24. MsDuckie2010 says:

    idk how 7 people …
    idk how 7 people could dislike this. this is my fave christmas story ever

  25. latonyao95 says:

    my 4year old loved …
    my 4year old loved it.