Soldier Surprises Wife Just in Time for Christmas – Military reunion videos, pictures & stories!

My cousin, Angela has been without her husband, Mark, for six months! He was not scheduled to come home from Iraq until January. He surprised Angela at a family Christmas party December 18th 2009, just in time for Christmas!!! So sweet.

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[youtube cM8mroTUqGM]

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24 Responses to “Soldier Surprises Wife Just in Time for Christmas”

  1. CleanAteist says:

    Easy, if you are a …
    Easy, if you are a Muslim terrorist.. But i liked it, thumbs up.

  2. zacefronlover16 says:

    It’s so funny how …
    It’s so funny how she had time to actually think where to place the spoon. I would have threw that b*tch out the window! Lol

  3. snugglebear4 says:

    id be like …
    id be like this spoon and throw it on the ground

  4. SillyRach84 says:

    Gave me goosebumps …
    Gave me goosebumps! How could you dislike this?!

  5. jojodancergirl says:

    Haha, I would’ve …
    Haha, I would’ve just thrown the spoon!

  6. jimrobmicah says:

    Keep pressing 3 …
    Keep pressing 3 for entire surprise.

  7. beepyou105 says:

    Damn Onion plated …
    Damn Onion plated laptop makes me cry every time

  8. stig670 says:

    keep pressing 4 for …
    keep pressing 4 for priceless moment

  9. imhavingaball says:

    Didn’t think I’d …
    Didn’t think I’d ever see someone actually jumping when getting surprised… comic style. :D

  10. 2008mcrfan says:

    we didnt start the …
    we didnt start the pearl harbor….japan started tht…we didnt start 9-11… not we dont start the wars…

  11. TheBasijiKiller says:


    im not saying the soldiers are bad coz im a soldier too, but the GOVERNMENT is MESSSED up

  12. BboyLoneRanger says:

    “Wait gotta put …
    “Wait gotta put down my spoon first. “

  13. sgtmaxhigdon says:

    i cried before the …
    i cried before the video started

  14. 2008mcrfan says:

    no we dont….we …
    no we dont….we dont come on here and say F*** America. ur jst bc we have been through so much and still stay strong bc we have PRIDE AND HONOR!!!! something u dnt so STFU

  15. marshmellocandy says:

    her reaction? i …
    her reaction? i think you mean everyone around her

  16. meshanu007 says:

    she pulled of a …
    she pulled of a MONICA (F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

  17. theswampy1960 says:

    love the way she …
    love the way she jumped then put the spoon down so touching.

  18. ManifestPrime says:

    7 people have lost …
    7 people have lost their innocence… from God.

  19. XxLonelyRainnxX says:

    I love how she put …
    I love how she put the spoon down.

  20. mastersnip02 says:

    best reaction ive …
    best reaction ive ever seen

  21. GREENGANG88 says:

    then she fucks him
    then she fucks him

  22. Amythestjewel09 says:

    I love it. She …
    I love it. She does a double take and then freaks out. That’s awesome :)

  23. bie5436 says:

    she put the spoon …
    she put the spoon back. LOL

  24. LoveLovemetal says:

    What’s almost as …
    What’s almost as great is the hilarious laughter which erupts at 0:10!