Family Ties: A Christmas Story

Family Ties: A Christmas Story

Original Airdate: December 15th 1982

When their ski trip is postponed by a snowstorm, the Keatons sit home by the fire, where Steven and Elyse share memories of their children’s births.

When a blizzard forces the Keatons to spend Christmas at home, Elyse’s gift to Steven – an album filled with fascinating old photos – sparks flashbacks to the birth of their three children.

The Keaton kids are disappointed that the weather has thwarted their weekend on the ski slopes, but the photos soon divert their attention. Former Peace Corps volunteers, Elyse and Steven recall Alex´s birth in Africa. With equal sentiment and humor, they wax nostalgic about Mallory´s delivery by Steven´s childhood friend Dr. “Crazy Larry” Waxman and about the zany misadventures en route to the hospital for ´Jennifer´s premature birth.

Written by Joanne Pagliano
Directed by Will Mackenzie
Guest stars: Peter Jurasik as Max Brown, Charles Levin as Doctor Waxman, Bruce French as Doctor Rogers, Mari Gorman as the nurse, Chris Hebert as Young Alex, and Bridgette Anderson as Young Mallory

Note: Episode Synopsis From Family Ties Site On

Duration : 0:10:36

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21 Responses to “Family Ties: A Christmas Story”

  1. TheBeigelboy says:

    Is Max played by …
    Is Max played by Charles Nelson Reilly

  2. pytko3 says:

    Obama was born in …
    Obama was born in Hawaii, I heard, so he qualified.

  3. BlackStallionWoman says:

    I love how Michael …
    I love how Michael J. Fox looks so cute when he is in his matching fluffy coat, wool cap, and scarf.

  4. BlackStallionWoman says:

    @pytko3, yeah.
    @pytko3, yeah.

  5. darkbug1234 says:

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  6. sorenkierkegaard2008 says:

    Might want to get …
    Might want to get your facts straightened then, eh?

  7. wfl18 says:

    how do i know i …
    how do i know i dont listen to politics

  8. sorenkierkegaard2008 says:

    Where was he?
    Where was he?

  9. wfl18 says:

    john macain wasn’t …
    john macain wasn’t on american soil or at least that’s what i heard

  10. sorenkierkegaard2008 says:

    No, you have to …
    No, you have to have been born on U.S. soil to be president. Otherwise Schwarzenegger could run.

  11. CelebJUNKIE08 says:

    THANKS ^^
    THANKS ^^

  12. wfl18 says:

    well nobodys really …
    well nobodys really sure right?

  13. pytko3 says:

    Sorry, but I have …
    Sorry, but I have been hearing crap about that alot lately, even though it’s pretty clear that he was born in Honolulu.

  14. wfl18 says:

    no i was talkig …
    no i was talkig about alex keaton isnt obama bor honolulu

  15. pytko3 says:

    You sure …
    You sure better not be talking about Obama.

  16. wfl18 says:

    well don’t people …
    well don’t people have to live in america and can be born in another country then get a a whatever to say he livess in america was just born in another country

  17. pytko3 says:

    Born in Africa? …
    Born in Africa? Well, I guess this means that Alex can’t be president. Afterall one requirement is that all candidates have to have been born in America.

  18. epicgoldfish says:

    yeah i was …

    yeah i was watching an episode from season one before
    and my mum was just like “WHAT?! WHERES STEVENS BEARD?!”

  19. mathur89 says:

    What?!? Alex was …
    What?!? Alex was born in Africa? How’s he going to be president? Keaton ’08!

  20. InuyashaPrincess14 says:

    “what are we a …
    “what are we a hallmark card?” That’s really funny. I would like to watch the entire first season of Family Ties but Mom dosen’t like Steven before he has his beard. I just watch it purely to see Michael J. Fox.

  21. needles1987 says:

    Thanks for posting …
    Thanks for posting this.