A Christmas Story Chinese Restaurant Scene

This is the Complete Christmas Story Chinese Restaurant scene. All the other here on Youtube cut out the best part of the video. The comment section has been suspended due to comments getting out of hand.

Duration : 0:2:1

[youtube xTq20prt0K8]

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23 Responses to “A Christmas Story Chinese Restaurant Scene”

  1. lilsteller says:

    Racist? Why? If so …
    Racist? Why? If so who cares?

  2. fonebender says:

    Merry Christmas …
    Merry Christmas Coolmaster!

  3. JackSureshot says:

    love the movie for …
    love the movie for its story not the Christmas bull shit
    my verson.
    Fuuuuck jesus jospeh and mary Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra
    we are all human, religion is nothing but a way to enslave the minds of people, and vreate division . evolution is out father not adam and eve.

  4. BloodofPatriots says:

    You thin-skinned …
    You thin-skinned white liberals wouldn’t know racism if it smacked you in the face. You think only white people can be racist. Total B-S. The way my Asian friends and relatives talk about whites, blacks and hispanics makes 1930′s Germany sound like Sesame Street.

    White people aren’t allowed to be racist anymore. Not PC. Blacks, hispanics and Asians are far more racist.

    I wonder how many white liberals will cry now that they’ve heard the truth? Haha

  5. impulsw says:

    For those of you …
    For those of you who are trying to make videos of the experience, then you can just erase your video because nothing can beat the original (this video.)!!!!!

  6. dhonzik says:

    I do not know …
    I do not know either, my wife is Chinese too and everytime we watch this scene she laughs. She is from Shenyang, China located in the polar NE region of China in Liaoning province.

  7. cootmicky says:

    this scene makes me …
    this scene makes me laugh everytime! “it’s smiling at me” gotta love it!

  8. NeedMoreJoyDivision says:

    I’m Chinese, and I …
    I’m Chinese, and I find this to be hilarious. How is this racist?

  9. Freecell82 says:

    Fair enough. I …
    Fair enough. I really disagree with those laws, but they definitely do exist.

    The USA doesn’t have any of them, btw. European countries probably have the worst, and Canada’s are really bad too. I’m not sure of any other countries.

  10. Reitermaniac says:

    Yeah you’re right …
    Yeah you’re right there, I didnt think that through, shouldn’t have written so fast ;-) Even though I’m pretty sure they have laws against sedition and/or slander or such things in the UK, for which racism can be used as a vehicle. In Germany you could get indicted for incitement of the people, and I assume this applies for every other free country in the world

  11. Freecell82 says:

    Of course it’s not …
    Of course it’s not racism. I agree with that.

    What you said though was “would be a racist and should be arrested.” Advocating the criminalization of opinions and thoughts is absolutely disgusting. I can’t think of anything worse than that, including murder. Trying to control people like that is terrible. Anyone who tried to implement something like that would deserve to die.

  12. Reitermaniac says:

    Not as such, it was …
    Not as such, it was a bit over the top i guess.. All I’m saying is, that I don’t consider this racism. At most decrial of chinese people in general, and even then I don’t think it was meant to offend anyone. And my point about stand-up comedians: E.g. dave chapelle, you wouldn’t consider him a racist, yet he spoofed black and white people alike. And who knows, maybe this scene was written by someone chinese, is it still “racism”? i stand by it: this is a display of stereotypes, not racism

  13. Freecell82 says:

    Arrested for racism …
    Arrested for racism? Are you kidding me?

  14. Reitermaniac says:

    That comment made …
    That comment made absolutely no sense

  15. surfer53 says:

    That’s because if …
    That’s because if you don’t talk about something, it doesn’t exist, right?

  16. switchfootdude224 says:

    deck the harrs with …
    deck the harrs with berrs of horry fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra

  17. dhonzik says:

    Yes, the part where …
    Yes, the part where he said the duck is smiling and when it gets its head cut off.

  18. spikedawg1970 says:

    A bit harsh really …
    A bit harsh really. And yeah, we still can get away with making fun of people, that really isn’t degrading anyone no slurs applied

  19. Reitermaniac says:

    Displaying …
    Displaying stereotypes is not racism as such, or else every stand-up comedian would be a racist and should be arrested. And keep in mind that the movie takes place even before WW2, its just a contemporary display for that time

  20. taberjohnson18 says:

    that’s good old …
    that’s good old fashioned racism…couldn’t get away with that today.

  21. jonoisgood says:

    deck the harrs …
    deck the harrs with bows of horry

  22. DCMan06 says:

    this is one of my …
    this is one of my favorite parts of the movie

  23. LeBubblesSan says:

    I love this movie. …
    I love this movie. Incidentally, which part gets cut out? The bit where they cut the head off or the part with the singing?