More Powerful Than the Strongest Weapon

Most Christians consider prayer to be an important part of their faith lives, but do we ever think of the magnitude of the power of prayer? Newspapers or magazines oftentimes do stories on the “power of prayer,” which is usually accompanied by a miraculous healing story that cannot be explained. It’s easy to get desensitized by the many stories that float in and out of the news media and even through our church circles. The power of prayer goes beyond the flashy miracles of this world. The power of prayer is found in our daily lives.

The power of prayer can be found within our families. When we pray for our children, speaking words of love, we may be able to see a change in them in the way they act or treat their siblings. When we use prayer to give us strength in a situation unique to us, we may come out of that experience stronger and more faithful then before. When we use the power of prayer to change our hearts during the holiday season, we may feel an abundance of God’s grace on Christmas morning.

Miracles happen every day through prayer. When we pray, we concentrate on love and the positive things that can come out of our lives no matter how bleak our situation. Christ’s grace flows through this channel of communication, and we bring His unique and powerful love into the world in this way. The words of love we express in prayer may also appear in our daily interactions with our family and friends. Using positive and uplifting words can make the difference in the life of a peer or a child. Prayer can help us reach that.

During the holiday season, we have the opportunity to recommit our lives to prayer. Christ’s entry into this world represents the greatest miracle in history, and we can honor His presence in this world by continually offering up our fears, desires and hopes to Him. We all have unique lives, but we all have the opportunity to serve Christ and our world by being a light for others. Prayer allows us to live a life of love that will in turn positively impact the lives of those around us.

Stop for a moment right now and say a prayer for your spouse or your children or a co-worker. The impact, whether you see it or not, is beyond our comprehension but you must believe it is having a positive impact.

Mark Arens

6 Responses to “More Powerful Than the Strongest Weapon”

  1. ஐﻬ уαмι ηι cнιяυ ѕαкυяα ﻬஐ says:

    A weapon more powerful than the nuclear bomb, the size of a pill?
    well i was watching this movie which really hit me hard and made me ponder over it a lot and freak out
    basially they created the most powerful weapon to ever exist in the form of a pill
    A person would have to digest it and the person would suddenly give off fumes that would make everyone around you die, and make all electronical devices go haywire, (so military sucks basically)
    and after all attempts to stop the weapon (the human) everything failed and we basically cause our own destruction (we all die)

    so i thought… how far are we from that future?? when we cause our own self destruction? a weapon we created so strong that we wouldnt be able to control it and therefore caused our own demise? more powerful than the atomic bomb with no button to set it of?

  2. Eli says:

    Stop watching those movies, I’m still waiting to see the cars of star wars.
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  3. TopSavings.Net says:

    Nano technology is somewhat freaky too, organic micro chips the size of atoms that can program themselves. That exists, and that is pretty damn scary.

    i would link it to a story but the story somehow disappeared from the face of the earth, I wonder why? The story was however that the government was fighting Sun Microsystems for all access to the successful project and the President of Sun stating he was too scared to let it happen for fear of a super race of creature that could wipe us out. It was in a Computer World magazine I think 10 years ago or something like that.

    Sorry, but life is scary sometimes. The bright side, fear motivates change and creates new ideas for prevention.
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  4. DanKohner says:

    You are a crack case if you believe what you see in movies.
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  5. efw says:

    Worldwide pandemics is doomsday scenario no. 34. I’m betting a planet killing asteroid will doom us off first….but that’s just me.
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  6. spkultr says:

    meet george jetson
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