A Christmas Story: Tounge Stuck to a Flag Pole

Scene From the movie A Christmas Story where Flick gets his tounge stuck to a flag pole.

Sry about the dumb unregistered thing in the middle.

Duration : 0:2:12

[youtube 8XlPwsmkPHI]

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24 Responses to “A Christmas Story: Tounge Stuck to a Flag Pole”

  1. lgreenstien says:

    ralphie and flick …
    ralphie and flick and schwartz are bff

  2. Contakum says:

    1:20 – yo …
    1:20 – yo jus got owned LMAO

  3. deadboyslim90210 says:

    this is classic
    this is classic

  4. mustloveMJ119 says:

    Teacher:Wheres …
    Teacher:Wheres Flick?
    *all point outside*

  5. MaxSwoffordReese says:

    The movie is …
    The movie is getting old,but this is the best part!

  6. trompetayritmo says:

    “I don’t know…THE …
    “I don’t know…THE BELL RANG”…. LOL!

  7. trompetayritmo says:

    Lol! What a …
    Lol! What a classic!

  8. daddychimp12 says:

    I don’t get it. …
    I don’t get it. What’s a triple dog dare, double dog dare etc. ???

  9. g59lars says:

    i did this once …
    i did this once just ripped it off and i bled but who cares

  10. RedmageAdam says:

    “Gee, it really …
    “Gee, it really works!” – What a way to rub it in!

  11. AcornFinger says:

    Flick is …
    Flick is soooooooooo ficken Hottt i think is is SMEXY!!

  12. cstenbergdude says:

    “wheres flick?” …
    “wheres flick?” asks the teacher … “in your panties” says flick, i got my tounge stuck to your vagina

  13. cstenbergdude says:

    i triple dog dare …
    i triple dog dare ya to like this comment

  14. chillskid says:


  15. irishdancer121 says:

    HAHAHA Omg! I love …
    HAHAHA Omg! I love this movie……………a classic! I’m gonna do this for my audition for my school drama club audition! Its gonna be HILARIOUS!!!! we are doing Winnie the Pooh so wish me luck! I want to be eeore

  16. TheReganCake says:

    that happend to me …
    that happend to me… o.o

  17. driesm81607 says:

    Flick does now
    Flick does now

  18. bigmike5989 says:

    “Stuck? STUCK! …

  19. IggyHazard says:

    “I don’t know, the …
    “I don’t know, the bell rang!”
    This scene shows how repressive legalism is drilled into the minds of kids so that they follow the letter of the law without understanding the spirit of the law. And they often carry this over into adulthood. That’s the way the system wants it.
    Resist with a clenched fist.

  20. russianboy3185 says:


  21. lakerguy100 says:

    Best movie….epic …
    Best movie….epic…

  22. conejwsr says:

    When I was little …
    When I was little this part used to scare me so bad that i would run to my room and humm so I couldnt hear it. I loved the rest of the movie though!

  23. Lexi12171 says:

    Can’t wait to watch …
    Can’t wait to watch the 24 hour marathon on Christmas eve :D this is the best Christmas movie ever :) 

  24. ladynikkie says:

    28 years and its …
    28 years and its still funny!