Letter from Santa/Pillow pet song

Was suppose to be a video of the letter from Santa but became more of the pillow pet song by Abby.

Duration : 0:1:23

[youtube PDUvuDNFmXc]

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11 Responses to “Letter from Santa/Pillow pet song”

  1. thestacie9111 says:

    well they beleive …
    well they beleive in it stupid you cant crush kids dreams

  2. pepsicolaalien says:


  3. MissJeanette12 says:

    They are more than …
    They are more than adorable too!!

  4. MissJeanette12 says:

    No they are not …
    No they are not ugly! Lauren6000 blue that wasn’t nice. I am not trying to be mean

  5. loveisdead29 says:

    Omg that is such …
    Omg that is such an adorable video

  6. bumaddyangel says:

    awwww that is so …
    awwww that is so cuteXD

  7. firerune452 says:

    I know just cause …
    I know just cause someone ruined her video’s doesn’t mean she or ho has to ruin theirs… just ignore it

  8. webkinzggirl1222 says:

    @lauren6000blue …
    @lauren6000blue hey.thats really rude.you sholdnt say that about people.would you want people talking abot you like that?i am not trying to be rude or anything but thats really mean.

  9. TheReese5601 says:

    I got a pillow pet …
    I got a pillow pet today it is a unicorn

  10. puppylove881 says:

    so cute you guys
    so cute you guys

  11. TheReese5601 says:

    she said pillow …
    she said pillow plets (ha..ha..ha..) so cute