A Christmas Story – Ralphie Beats Up Bully

Ralphie, from A Christmas Story, Beats Up Farkus, the neighborhood bully, in a tirade of obscenities. Watch more here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5T24cWAGen0

Duration : 0:2:12

[youtube XvijyBIgazE]

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24 Responses to “A Christmas Story – Ralphie Beats Up Bully”

  1. lojor3able says:

    1:43 ralphie said …
    1:43 ralphie said fat nigga

  2. evm281 says:

    Best movie ever, …
    Best movie ever, fav childhood xmas movie im 30 nw if u havnt cn check it out,,,,

  3. admarvelous says:

    Thats was one of …
    Thats was one of them year of bullying ass whoopins lol

  4. dantelovesbeatrice says:

    W. Axl Rose is Scut …
    W. Axl Rose is Scut Farkus. (I think he makes this same face (0:38) in that “Welcome to the Jungle”-video!)

  5. Numba1SouthParkFan says:

    way to go ralphie! …
    way to go ralphie! Like a boss!

  6. Cassavius says:

    Zack Ward’s career …
    Zack Ward’s career never recovered from this beating…

  7. jay44571 says:

    he was beating the …
    he was beating the out that nigga…lol….folk gang nigga 12 12 12…lol

  8. xXchojuroXx says:

    1:43 He just said …
    1:43 He just said nigga.

  9. poodychulak says:

    Zombie dog?
    Zombie dog?

  10. martingallegos01 says:

    the dog who barks …
    the dog who barks the loudest bites the softest but the dog that doesnt bark at all bites the hardest

  11. Huzzawful says:

    lmao same …
    lmao same happened to me, and the one time someone actually tried to do it openly in elementary i did this too so they really didnt want to say anything to my face

  12. mat4981 says:

    hell yeah thats …
    yeah thats what you get for picking on people good job ralph

  13. trippyphreak says:

    Fucking gingers…

  14. jman18345 says:

    you have never …
    you have never seen this movie wow that a first

  15. blahlahblahlahh says:

    you sound weak
    you sound weak

  16. ometta7 says:

    I never got the …
    I never got the chance to do anything like this to a bully, mostly because the bullies didn’t bully me openly and thus I couldn’t act with complete certainty. You see, I was the kid that everyone else thought was torturing cats in the woods and building pipe bombs in his basement. Most of the people that picked on me were afraid I would rape them and eat their skin when I got them alone, so they did that weird “wiseass fake friend” bullying by layering the meanings of everything they said to me.

  17. brennen7797 says:


  18. AliaSparrow says:

    Actually, …
    Actually, fortunately, the mother in the movie probably gripped the actual situation and comforted Ralphie instead of scolding him

  19. RacistDentist says:

    its not real dude
    its not real dude

  20. poexz says:

    He will get away …
    He will get away with it
    However in the future he will have gained nothing out of bullying the kid nor will anyone feel sympathy for him getting beat up.

  21. CitizenKahne1015 says:

    Beware of the …
    Beware of the quiet ones. They will destroy you.

  22. PivotMaker855 says:

    best scene in all …
    best scene in all of movie history

  23. PiroKid11 says:

    Best Christmas …
    Best Christmas movie ever.

  24. Skeletonwitharaygun says:

    Why did you have …
    Why did you have to hurt his moth?