Naughty Norman the Gnome

Santa Reading His Stories in His Own Words

Santa Reading His Stories in His Own Words

Well children, I hope you have all heard of Santa’s helpers, who work in Santa’s workshops in the North Pole and make all of the toys. I have my elves and also some gnomes, who work very hard all year to get the presents ready in time for Christmas Eve.


I am now going to tell you a story about Norman the Naughty Gnome. He was a very badly behaved young gnome and used to play horrible tricks on eeryone. He thought he was funny, but he was not, because all he did was upset people.

Once he blackened Rudolph’s nose with boot polish and when we were test-driving the new sleigh one foggy night Rudolph couldn’t find his way home and the satellite navigation system could not track him. Another time he set off the fire alarms in the workshops and stopped production of the toys. Oh, he was such a naughty boy!

He was always playing naughty tricks and one day I saw him put salt in the sugar jar. I thought “OK! This boy needs to be taught a lesson!” I called a meeting with the head elves. “Gentlemen” I said to them “What we are going to do is to give Norman a shock and teach him a lesson. This is the plan.” And so I explained to them exactly what we would do.

What was going to happen to Naughty Norman? You can find out soon in the Santa Stories eBook – Short Christmas Stories


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