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The Santa Stories Yodule Elf

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

A Christmas Story told by Santa Claus for your Children this Christmas. The story will warm your heart

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Christmas Story Christina the Christmas Tree The Santa Stories

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 Santa Stories, Christina the Christmas Tree told by the Real Santa Claus for our children at Christmas. This story carries a wonderful message you do not have to be beautiful to sparkle.

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Thursday, December 15th, 2011 A Christmas Story from Santa about Alley the Christmas Cat and how Santa adopted her. The Santa Stories

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Santa T’was the Night Before Christmas

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Number 1 Christmas Site – It’s Official!!

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Dear All

We hope that you are having a wonderful Christmas! – Only one more sleep till Santa Comes!!

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Mery Christmas 2009!

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It’s a Wonderful Life on 34th Street – pt 5

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

….Christmas Eve arrived and the Teacher brought the pupils to see Santa as I had planned.

“Children line up and put your letters you got from Santa in your pockets” said the teacher. 

One by one the children went up to Santa.  As Alley (Jim’s daughter) got near, I whispered to the store elf next to me,

 “Get Jim to take over I’m not feeling well”. My plan was coming together perfectly, Jim agreed to take over not knowing his daughter was in the line. When Alley walked in she did not recognise her dad and her teacher said “Tell Santa what you want for Christmas.” “I want my Daddy to come Home for Christmas so we can be a family again” Jim couldn’t speak as the tears welled into his eyes.

Jim and Alley Together Again

Jim and Alley Together Again

 After the children left he turned round to me and said, “Nick that was my little girl, after all I’ve done she still loves me.”  I then told him, “its Christmas go home Jim”, but again he just walked away.

 What was I to do, how could a man be so hard as to not return to his family after such a request? I then bumbled jovially “Let me read another story as I ran after him” Jim replied “You’ve got to be joking,” but I just started reading hoping he would not keep on walking away. For some reason he just sat down and listened like a lost child.

 “Jim, One morning I was reading one of the hundreds of letters I receive each day from the children of the world when I came across a letter from a little girl, named Karen, asking me for a kitten for Christmas. I saw no problem with it and because she had been a good girl all year, I decided she would get the present she deserved.

 One year passed and on Christmas Eve I loaded up my sleigh and off we went delivering presents. We went from house to house, landing on the roof if the house had a chimney, or if not we would land in the garden of the house and I would use my magic key.

 I landed in one garden I noticed the house was in darkness; there were no Christmas lights. The house looked deserted. I checked my computer and pulled up the wish list to see if I had made a mistake and come to the wrong house. There was a letter from a little girl living in this house wanting presents. I then suddenly remembered the little girl and the house; I had delivered a kitten there only last year.

We were then with a dilemma. What should we do with the presents? I asked Rudolph but he did not know either. Snowy my dog jumped off the sleigh and ran over to the hedge. “I can see the eyes of a cat” Snowy exclaimed. “Quick! Come and look” So I trudged through the snow over to the hedge and there was a little cat lying in the snow shivering. She was hungry and cold. I recognised her as being Alley, the kitten I had delivered here one year ago. Oh my Dear! She had been abandoned. I picked Alley up and wrapped my coat around her to keep her warm. “Bring some hot milk and something to eat!” I shouted. I then realised what a mistake I had made by giving Alley as a present. “A pet is for life not just for Christmas”

Alley & Karen

We delivered the rest of the presents and then off we went back to the North Pole with one extra guest and a set of toys that had not been delivered.

I assured Alley she would become part of Santa’s village and I introduced her to everyone there. She would become member of our Family.

 I went back to my office and began checking my Christmas wish list to see where the toys should now be delivered. I checked every house in the world. Just then my computer came up with the answer, one house showed no deliveries. Christmas Eve was still not over, I jumped back in my sleigh and off we went off to investigate.

I found the house and went down the chimney. I could see it was a poor house and the family had fallen on hard times, which is why they had left their previous home and also their pet. I quietly went up the stairs and there was the little girl asleep with a picture of Alley by her bedside.

I realised then that although she still loved Alley, her family simply could just not afford to keep a cat. This made Santa so sad and so I left her presents and a letter telling her that Alley was now safe and well and had found a new home and one day she would come back and visit her. 

I prayed that the fortunes of the family would change, but it taught me a lesson, that we should all remember, especially at Christmas time. A pet is not a present it is a family member. Alley is now a happy cat and loves visiting children, just like Santa.” 

When I had finished reading I asked Jim what he thought.

“That’s a fantastic story, that cat has the same name as my daughter Alley.”

 “That’s right Jim and do you know the little girl in the story was your wife. Over thirty years ago when she was a little girl she lost the thing she loved most her cat Alley. Don’t let it happen again. Don’t let her lose the man she loves. She deserves you, you are good man don’t throw your wonderful life away.”

“But Nick, how can I find the courage up to just walk back into their lives after what I have done as though nothing has happened.”

“Jim it’s only your pride I know you are a proud man but in your families eyes they couldn’t care if you are successful or not, they just want you home where you belong.

 Take my book you know how much I love this book and show the story to your wife. Please do it for me.”

 I now knew Jim was ready to go home. I gave him a hundred dollar bill and wished him a Merry Christmas and watched as he left the store. I preyed he would turn left and not right to the bar for a drink….

Will Jim make the right choice? …. Watch this space

Click here to Download Santa's Book

Click here to Download Santa's Book

It’s A Wonderful Life on 34th St. Pt 3

Thursday, December 10th, 2009
Santa's Grotto

Santa's Grotto

If you haven’t read parts 1 and 2 of the story then please go back and check it out.

If you have read the previous parts then…. sit back, relax, take a deep breath and make yourself comfy…. Here’s the story


“Thank you buddy, for persuading the manager to let me keep a job. This place is awful, huh, some Happy Shopping Mall, no Christmas Spirit, full of unruly teenagers, but I do need a job thanks. Anyway my name is Jim, What’s yours?”

“I’m Santa pleased to meet you.”

“Santa!!!!!  What’s your real name?”

“Sorry I forgot I was in the city, my name is Nicholas”.

“Well Nick, that story was good; you really cheered those young boys up, I really enjoyed it too, you are quite convincing. You know Nick when I was at school, I was the opposite to that story, I was the best at everything and look at me now, all washed up. Nick would you lend me a couple of Dollars I need a drink.”

I put my hand on Jim’s shoulder reassuringly and we headed down the street

“Come on Jim I’ll buy you a drink”

At bar and I pulled out A Hundred-Dollar Bill and handed it to Jim saying.

“I don’t usually carry money, but Mr’s Clause insisted that I needed money for the city. I usually give presents not money. Imagine if everybody gave money at Christmas I would be out of a job.”

Jim went to the bar and ordered a double whisky and shouted to me.

“Hey Nick what you’re having.”

“A small Brandy please” I replied

As Jim returned from the bar I continued

 “I usually have a small mince pie when I have a Brandy Ho! Ho! Ho!”

“Yeah !!! and a carrot for Rudolph” Jim retorted playfully.

“Yes Jim, Rudolph I do miss him”

“Nick. Don’t get me wrong you are a knock out, You are good at being Santa but do you not think you are taking it a bit to far?”

“Jim – I’m only being myself.”

Jim then downed his drink and ordered another one.

“Another Brandy Nick?”

“No Jim, too much Alcohol is bad for you. I could tell you a story about to much Alcohol but I must go, you enjoy your night and I will see you at work in the morning. Take care”.

I left and headed towards Stancer, i got in, flicked a switch and the car turned into a bedroom with a giant television screen. I contacted Mr’s Clause.


 I’ve found Jim, deep down he’s a good guy but he is, a little boy who has just lost his way. I believe I can help him.

I saId Good Night to Mr’s Clause and I felt vulnerable in this big city. I lay in my bed thinking these are tough men in tough times, how can I persuade Alley’s Dad to return home.

I remember when I first met him when he was a little boy and he was a good boy, You know I have been so lucky I have met every child in the world, I then realised there is a still a child in all of us and as we grow up we hide that child. I then started to feel confident that the stories in my book would hopefully soften the hardest hearts. I slowly fell asleep.

      As the days went on I found out more about Alley’s Dad, Jim. He was a good guy; charming, funny, polite but he had lost his job and his self-confidence. Everything was getting on top of him and he was spiralling downwards. I knew I had a challenge as at times he was cynical and I found myself the butt of all his jokes. I accepted this, as I was the stranger in this metropolis.

      The next couple of days the crowds grew in huge numbers to listen to the Stories and to see Stancer this incredible car. There were even rumours going around, that a monster had been seen?

The Mall Manager was now happy. His store was full and he decided to get into the Christmas Spirit by fixing the Christmas Lights, I was finally getting somewhere. He even told me I was the best Santa he had ever employed. Thank goodness I thought.

      After the Mall finally closed Jim invited me back to his flat. As we walked along 34th Street I again felt vulnerable, as on every corner there were street gangs.  As we passed each one, comments were passed about my attire and me but the presence of Jim made me feel safe. I could tell he was not a person you could mess with; in fact he was very protective. What had made such a man leave his family?

When we arrived at his appartment it looked very humble or should I say seedy but I did noticed on the fire place totally out of place, a beautiful picture of Jim with his family. I enquired about them but Jim turned cold and did not want to speak about them. This was going to be harder than I thought

       I asked him if I could read him another Story thinking to myself here’s a guy who is scared of no one yet I am offering to read him a bedtime story. He laughed and agreed as long as I would buy him another drink.

To be continued ….. Watch this space to hear Santa’s next story

Great Gift Idea!

Great Gift Idea!


flowers on line


Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Dear All

Sit back, Relax, take a deep breath and make yourselves comfortable.

You are going to love this Beautiful and Unique Christmas Story. So without further ado:

As children get older they stop believing in Santa the Spirit of Christmas. I met such a person, thanks to a letter I received from his daughter who did believe in me.    

     It was probably one of the biggest challenges of my life, as I had to leave my magical environment and face a hard drinking cynical man who believed he had lost everything.    

    How could I convince this man that he had received the greatest gift a man could receive, a family and he was about to throw it all away. Luckily the innocence of his Child believed like all Children do, that I would deliver her wish. I could not let her down.

     I was determined that I would fulfil her unique special request that was written in her letter, she wrote to me, asking me to return her daddy home before Christmas;

Little did I know what lay ahead of me! Let me tell what happened.

It was only 7 days to go before Christmas Eve, I was at home in the North Pole frantically working out in my gym, practicing my technique for dropping down chimneys without the possibility of getting stuck. I knew I had to get fit, as the task to deliver presents throughout the world is a tough one.

     Mrs Claus my dear wife arrived with the morning post, and informed me of the exciting news that my Story Book had arrived from the publishers! She was the one that convinced me to chronicle the History of Santa’s Village so that the children of the world could benefit from my experiences.

     Suddenly, Yodule the Ice Cream Elf came running in, in a rather agitated state of panic. ”Santa, Harry the Snowman has run away!” I calmly reassured Yodule that there was nothing to worry about and that I will personally sort out Harry’s problems and bring him back home safe and sound. I told Yodule to alert the elves and begin a search, whilst I headed back to the stable for my sleigh.

     I took to the skies to find Harry and as I looked down I could see him alone in the snow heading away from Santa’s village.

     I flew down and landed beside him but he ignored me and just kept walking. “Jump aboard Harry” I beckoned, but he just kept on walking away. I shouted again, “Harry please listen to me!” He slowly turned around with a tear in his eye. “Harry,” I said, “There comes a point in everybody’s life when they feel like running away but that is not the answer. Please tell Santa your troubles.” Harry broke down, “No one ever listens to me, no one has time for me,” sobbing quietly, “I am just a stupid worthless snowman.”

     I walked over to Harry and hugged him. “Harry my boy, you are not worthless. Dry your eyes and wipe your face. I am going to show you, how important you really are. Jump aboard!”

     I looked at Rudolph and he had his head hung low. “Rudolph, take to the skies” I ordered. Rudolph looked up and smiled and off we went to prove to Harry how important he was.

     As we travelled around the world I showed Harry millions of Snowmen all built by children having fun with the help of their friends and family. I told him “Building snowmen brings people together. Imagine a Christmas without a snowman. Imagine our family without you. Come on Harry let’s go home where you belong. Rudolph, take us home.” I commanded.

    The mood changed and everybody was happy.  We approached the North Pole I looked down from the sleigh and I could see written in the snow, in huge letters




     Everybody from Santa’s Village was there to welcome Harry back home. This made Harry so happy.

     I thought to myself, “Harry could have made a big mistake by running away and that is not the answer. Just talk to someone and you will find a caring spirit who has time for you and truly cares.”

   Having returned a happier Harry back to the fold, I moved to the more pressing task of reading my mail, still excited about the news of my story book.


    As I thumbed through the book, being quite pleased with myself, I noticed a burnt letter lying in the mail delivery, obviously sent up a chimney; it was from a little girl called Alley.  The contents of this letter greatly disturbed me.


Dear Santa.

                  My Daddy has lost his job and he has changed, he argues with Mommy and he has left home. The only present I want this year is for you to bring my Daddy home; he’s the best Daddy in the world. I can’t wait until Christmas Morning when you bring him home.

                                                                                                     Alley aged 7.


      I turned to Mrs Claus and asked in distress. ”Can you pack my bag my dear? I need to go to the City. It appears that the people have lost their Christmas spirit! I have also received a letter from a little girl called Alley, asking for her Daddy to come back home, and be part of their family again. I need to find this man and return him home.”

Alley Writing to Santa

Alley Writing to Santa

The Story will Continue …. Watch this space

Keeping Christmas Songs Alive in 2009

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

I remember years ago watching Top of the Pops excited wondering what was going to be Number One at Christmas. Even my parents were interested; the songs filled you with Christmas Spirit.

Now I’m a parent and I feel sad that my children can not experience the joy of hearing a Christmas Song at Christmas. I think it’s the tenth year for the X Factor to be at Number One.

Right, what I would like you to do is name five Christmas Songs you like and then name 5 Christmas Number Ones by the X Factor.

Thank goodness we now have the Internet, imagine just having television and your only source of entertainment. I went on to internet to find out if any artists are even bothering to write Christmas Songs and to my surprise, the bands are still having a go although they know the media is totally controlled by the X Factor.

My biggest surprise was a guy from America or should I say from the North Pole, Yes Santa singing all original Christmas Songs. Who better to have a Christmas Number One than Santa, We’ve had Cliff, Elvis Frank and I think we should also have Santa.

I watched his video on You tube, there he was singing a Song “It’s Christmas” all about the Children that can not sleep on Christmas Eve, but the best line of the song has got to be “Has he been Yet” spoken by a young child. I guess we’ve all said it, when we were waiting for Santa; it seems like a long time ago.

It did bring a smile to my face to think maybe Santa has had enough of the X Factor and it’s time for a protest. The song was original, it had a Christmas feel and you could dance to it at a party. However this Christmas morning we’ll see some X Factor puppet covering an old classic and by January we will forget all about it.

Well there’s one consolation the radio stations will be dusting off their old Christmas Albums and here we go again. “Well here it is Merry Christmas”.

I just hope Santa gets his break and everyone can hear his song, Why not Everybody Loves Santa. I prefer him delivering presents but if he feels so strongly about the state of Christmas Music why shouldn’t he protest and become a Pop Star.

After all Santa is becoming the Head of Christmas and I think we should support him, Ho Ho Ho.

PS Santa if you read this article I’ve been a good boy this year, could you bring me, A new Car, A yacht and pay off my credit cards,

Well I’m looking forward to Christmas and here are the answers to the X Factor Christmas Number Ones, 1) old 70′s song? 2)old 80′s song?  does anyone care? I was going to look them up on Google but I can’t be bothered,

They’ve got rid of the Christmas Music; maybe they will cancel Christmas if we let them. Merry Winter Festival.

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Click here for free book

Spread the Christmas Spirit!

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009
Enjoying Santa's Stories

Enjoying Santa's Stories

This year a phenomenon has hit the Internet, Santa Claus is telling all. No longer do we have to speculate of how this Icon operates, he has infiltrated the Internet with Stories Galore about his adventures, his family and his home.

Typing in “Christmas Stories with Santa” on Youtube the page is littered with the Jolly Big Guy educating and entertaining our Children. Why has he done this? We believe Mrs Clause has insisted that in these days of communication, the Children of the World should know more about Father Christmas and the myths that surround him. This has never happened before, so why now! We have never had Santa Stories yet we still loved him, we had a picture of him on a Christmas card that was good enough, or was it!           

These stories are better than any reality show as they show that Santa is a real caring man making mistakes like any other Father, having one to many drinks, mistaking a good man for an impostor, even getting his family lost on the moon. Reading these stories Santa comes across as a wise caring man who is not afraid to show his emotions and share his wisdom with the world. He even tells when he was a boy and how he felt he was not good enough. He learned his lessons the hard way and he knows how to deal with teenage problems, yet the man, like all men broke down and cried when Angela took a little boy to Heaven. The Good Lord gave us a baby at Christmas yet Santa had to deal with the greatest loss a family could ever suffer. When you read the story you will understand.           

This explosion onto the internet is a story of Santa Claus, a father figure for us all to admire. He could have just continued with Ho Ho Ho and have been represented forever by Advertising Agencies but here we have a true representation of goodness and honesty within this man, a good role model for our children. He admits he fell in Love, he was upset by being ignored by his family pet and he was man enough to hug his son.           

My only worry is this, Will the world be ready to read and accept that he is the Father of all Children, no matter what colour their skins are, or what God they pray to. We all know him as Santa and that he helps celebrate a Christian Festival but no Child in this world should ever say that they do not love Santa Claus.Santa would never deny any child the chance to sit on his knee and tell him what they want for Christmas. He understands that out of 2.2 Billion children in the world, one billion children live in poverty that is why this year he is giving his book away free.

Click on the book below to share these stories with friends and family or print off a copy for someone who can not afford a computer. For a parent or child who will receive very little this Christmas this book may bring them a little hope, comfort and good cheer.

Click For Free Story Book

Click For Free Story Book

Click the image above to get your free eBook. Please do send it to everyone to whom you wish a merry Christmas.

When the file opens you can scroll down to read the stories.  There is one story for each day of advent – so don’t delay only a few days to go!

Cut and paste the link below and send it to all of your Contacts – you are guaranteed to go on Santa’s nice list.

Merry Christmas