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Christmas Stories,Harry the Happy Snowman

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

These new Classic Stories will become a standard for generations to come. The stories weave together adding to the wonder of the spirit of Christmas. The lessons in these stories are life’s truth. When Santa crashes the sleigh into the Moon he thinks,” Even though it’s a small step for Santa to get out of the sleigh, it’s a giant leap for the Elves.” Don’t just download these Christmas Classic Stories to your computer, but, invest in every Christmas to come for generations and order the Collector Edition and make it a Family Tradition.

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Christmas Stories,Santa as a Child

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Santa share his new classic story of how he became The Real Santa for this generation.

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Christmas Stories,St. Patrick’s Day and Santa and the Leprechaun

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 Forgive me Sir he said in an Irish Accent but we were on our way to America and our ship encountered fog and we have lost our way. My wife is expecting our fourth child and we are starving Sir, I was only looking for food to feed my family.

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Christmas Stories and Santa Claus

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Mrs Clause, my dear wife, had the brilliant idea that I should write down the history of the village and all of its inhabitants so that children could enjoy all of the wonderful stories of how we came to be as we are today. There certainly is never a dull moment here in the North Pole! You will even hear about the time Santa met the Queen of England and landed on the moon by mistake. I bet you would all like to know how I became Santa in the first place and how my village was founded.

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Christmas Stories,Stuck in the Chimney Part 1

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Well children by now you must have all heard of my song ‘It’s Christmas’ and the line in the song “Santa only comes when you close your eyes”. Well, I’m now going to tell you a story why I want you all to be asleep on Christmas Eve when I come to your homes.

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Number 1 Christmas Site – It’s Official!!

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Dear All

We hope that you are having a wonderful Christmas! – Only one more sleep till Santa Comes!!

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Mery Christmas 2009!

Hope you enjoy the images below captured on camera phone in Dartington and Totnes (England) recently












































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It’s a Wonderful Life on 34th Street – Final Part

Monday, December 21st, 2009


Here we go with the concluding part of this wonderful story ….

…You know, he’s so convincing, he tells these fantasy stories he told me a story about you.”

“About me!?” Karen’s curiosity about Nick suddenly increased.

 “Yes he said, when you were a little girl you lost your cat, Alley and he left you a letter telling you everything would be alright. It’s written here in his story book.”

 “Jim it’s true! it actually did happen!! I’ve still got the letter; I’ve kept it for over thirty years it meant so much to me.”

 “No way you’re kidding right?” Karen’s expression told Jim that she wasn’t kidding. She looked like she had seen a ghost. “Karen why haven’t you mentioned this before?”

 “We were so poor, apart from that letter, it’s a time, I just wanted to forget. I loved that cat. That’s why I insisted on Alley’s name. I vowed no one would ever take away something I loved ever again. Darling I love our little Family and you know that includes you.”

 Karen turned and ran towards the stairs calling back to Jim as she went “I’ll get the letter!”

 Within minutes Karen was back with the letter which she pushed into Jim’s hand.

Jim hurriedly unfolded the letter and quickly scanned the content. He looked up at Karen. “It looks identical to the one Alley was carrying in the Mall. Let me see. I’m sure Alley put it in her pocket.”

Karen turned again and excitedly bolted towards the closet.

“I’ll get it; her coat is in here”

 Returning again letter in hand she passed it to Jim. Jim compared the two letters holding one in each hand. His expression conveyed wonder and disbelief.

“Karen It’s the same hand writing.”

 “Jim you’re right they are identical, how could this be? its impossible. I’ve gotta be dreaming?”

 “No Karen it’s not impossible – its magic, Christmas magic.  I know why and I know the guy who sent them and I didn’t believe him. Nick,– Nicolas,—St Nicolas,— Father Christmas, it’s all making sense, I got to see him I’ll be back soon. I got to thank him.”

 Jim ran back to the mall but it was closed. He hammered on the Glass Door Calling out

“Let me in, I’ve got to see Santa, I mean Nick”.

 Jim noticed – through the glass – the night Janitor inside the mall just sitting on the stairs looking bewildered. Jim banged on the glass again called and waved to get the janitors attention. Eventually the janitor snapped out of his daze and looked over at Jim. He got up and fumbled for his bunch of keys as he headed over to open the door.

 As the door opened Jim asked his colleague

“Are you OK buddy?”

 The janitors expression turned to one of recognition

 “Oh Jim it’s you,  yeah, yeah, I think so.”

 “Are you sure coz you don’t look so good?”

Santa's Grotto

Santa's Grotto

 “Jim, you wouldn’t believe what I have just seen! Nick walked past me wished me a goodnight and a Merry Christmas. He had this huge guy with him dressed in fancy dress and when they passed me he was freezing. He said he had to leave early because he had a busy night ahead of him. Then he walked out of the shop and shouted for his car. The car actually moved without a driver, they both got in, and the car took off. I mean flew above the roof tops. Should I be telling people this, they will think I’m mad. Jim maybe I’m drinking too much?”.

 “Buddy, you’ve heard the song “Santa only comes when you close your eyes”. Not this time. He knew he had to deliver and he has. He’s made me realise the importance of a family the greatest gift a man can receive and I was about to throw it all away. Merry Christmas Buddy and Thank You Nick, I mean Santa. I’m home, home with my family!”

 On Christmas Eve I felt so proud when I slipped down the Chimney in Jim’s House. I left the presents and a card thanking Jim for believing. I looked around the house; the family photograph was back in its rightful place on the fireplace. Jim’s newspaper was open on the employment page and the whisky bottle was still full. Just then the door opened and to my surprise, in walked a cat. I felt so proud I took Alley’s burnt letter from my pocket and put it in her Christmas stocking.

Jim’s a great guy and I never found out why he left home but the most important thing is that, he is now back home with his family. He hit rock bottom but he’s now on the way up. If it could happen to him it could happen to anyone.

On Christmas morning Alley woke and rushed down stairs. She opened the door and there standing by the Christmas tree was her daddy. She rushed over to him; Karen witnessed the greatest hug of all time.

 It was with a big smile that I raised my head from my story book and asked all the children in my grotto

 Well children, was this just another Santa Story or did it really happen?

Anyway if I said to you, “Do you believe in Santa Clause the Spirit of Christmas what would be your answer?” 







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Click here to Download Santa's Book





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Win $500 Gift Card

Its a Wonderful Life on 34th Street – Pt 6

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Here’s pt 6 of the story – you know the routine by now sit back, take a deep breath and relax.

…..I now knew Jim was ready to go home. I gave him a hundred dollar bill and wished him a Merry Christmas and watched as he left the store. I prayed he would turn left and not right to the bar for a drink. He left the front door and turned right. I looked on in disappointment but then he headed over to a guy who was collecting for the Salvation Army and put the Money into the Charity box. He then turned around picked up a Newspaper and headed for home.

As Jim approached the home he had known so well he felt his heart begin to pound. His breaths grew laboured and his steps heavy. It was clear what he should do, he must go home, but.. But what if Karen didn’t understand? Alley is a child with her there was no complication she had lost her Daddy and she wanted him back. But Karen, She’s bound to be hurt, humiliated, angry. What if she turned him away rejected him. His fear was rising but thinking of my words and the happy endings in the stories Jim took a deep breath and put his key into the door lock. The sound of the key entering the lock was familiar, Jim paused he felt a feeling of comfort below the welling fear. Jim wasn’t the only one to hear that familiar sound. Through the frosted glass of the door Jim saw a familiar figure flash into view, hurrying towards the door but then stopping. Karen froze staring back through the door in disbelief, could it be? He has the key, it must be.. Jim took the initiative lead by instinct rather than reason he turned the key, flung open the door and threw his arms around Karen. Husband and wife reunited cried out with joy tears bursting forth from both.

Karen managed to clear the sobs from her throat first.

“Jim thank God, I’m so happy you’ve come home, we’ve missed you so much, believe me everything will work out. Alley is in bed she is so excited. She went to bed early with a smile on her face and when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas she just giggled and said wait and see mommy. She knew, how did she know you were coming home?”

Choking back the sobs and wiping the tears from his face Jim responded “I know what she wants for Christmas; I’ve been working in a Department Store as Santa”

The sobs were turning to laughter and Karen found the thought of Jim as Santa pretty amusing.

“A Mall Santa? You!!!!!!” Karen teased

Jim looked a little embarrassed.

“Well, I couldn’t get any other work,” now both of them were laughing

They hugged each other closer again enjoying the comfort for a moment before continuing.

“I was terrible, I think I scared the Kids. They sacked me and give me a job as a janitor, I really hit rock bottom. If it hadn’t been for Nick”

Husband & Wife at Christmas

Husband & Wife at Christmas

“Who’s Nick?”  Karen sounded confused.

“This old guy who thinks he’s Santa he took over from me. Anyway Nick took ill and I stood in for him. Alley came in to see Santa with her school and I was Santa: she didn’t recognise me so she sat on my lap and her teacher told her to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas. You know what she said? – She said she wanted her Daddy to come Home for Christmas. Darling it hurt me so much to think she still loved me, after all I have done I’ve been so stupid.” Jim’s eyes had welled with tears again as he looked to Karen for comfort.

“I guess everybody is entitled to get a little crazy now and then, I love you, I’m just so pleased you’ve come home Jim”.

“Karen Please forgive me, I couldn’t cope.”

“Jim you are the best Christmas Present I could ever have. I can’t wait to see Alley’s face when she sees you in the morning.

The couple fell silent,  just enjoying the moment,  they stood smiling, looking into each others eyes. Then Karen’s expression turned to one of puzzlement.

“So where is this Nick now?”

Jim looked concerned.

“I hope he’s got somewhere to go this Christmas he’s such a nice guy, he’s kind of child like, he believes he’s Santa, I hope he’s not alone.,..

To be continued – watch this space

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Click here to Download Santa's Book

It’s a Wonderful Life on 34th Street – pt 5

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

….Christmas Eve arrived and the Teacher brought the pupils to see Santa as I had planned.

“Children line up and put your letters you got from Santa in your pockets” said the teacher. 

One by one the children went up to Santa.  As Alley (Jim’s daughter) got near, I whispered to the store elf next to me,

 “Get Jim to take over I’m not feeling well”. My plan was coming together perfectly, Jim agreed to take over not knowing his daughter was in the line. When Alley walked in she did not recognise her dad and her teacher said “Tell Santa what you want for Christmas.” “I want my Daddy to come Home for Christmas so we can be a family again” Jim couldn’t speak as the tears welled into his eyes.

Jim and Alley Together Again

Jim and Alley Together Again

 After the children left he turned round to me and said, “Nick that was my little girl, after all I’ve done she still loves me.”  I then told him, “its Christmas go home Jim”, but again he just walked away.

 What was I to do, how could a man be so hard as to not return to his family after such a request? I then bumbled jovially “Let me read another story as I ran after him” Jim replied “You’ve got to be joking,” but I just started reading hoping he would not keep on walking away. For some reason he just sat down and listened like a lost child.

 “Jim, One morning I was reading one of the hundreds of letters I receive each day from the children of the world when I came across a letter from a little girl, named Karen, asking me for a kitten for Christmas. I saw no problem with it and because she had been a good girl all year, I decided she would get the present she deserved.

 One year passed and on Christmas Eve I loaded up my sleigh and off we went delivering presents. We went from house to house, landing on the roof if the house had a chimney, or if not we would land in the garden of the house and I would use my magic key.

 I landed in one garden I noticed the house was in darkness; there were no Christmas lights. The house looked deserted. I checked my computer and pulled up the wish list to see if I had made a mistake and come to the wrong house. There was a letter from a little girl living in this house wanting presents. I then suddenly remembered the little girl and the house; I had delivered a kitten there only last year.

We were then with a dilemma. What should we do with the presents? I asked Rudolph but he did not know either. Snowy my dog jumped off the sleigh and ran over to the hedge. “I can see the eyes of a cat” Snowy exclaimed. “Quick! Come and look” So I trudged through the snow over to the hedge and there was a little cat lying in the snow shivering. She was hungry and cold. I recognised her as being Alley, the kitten I had delivered here one year ago. Oh my Dear! She had been abandoned. I picked Alley up and wrapped my coat around her to keep her warm. “Bring some hot milk and something to eat!” I shouted. I then realised what a mistake I had made by giving Alley as a present. “A pet is for life not just for Christmas”

Alley & Karen

We delivered the rest of the presents and then off we went back to the North Pole with one extra guest and a set of toys that had not been delivered.

I assured Alley she would become part of Santa’s village and I introduced her to everyone there. She would become member of our Family.

 I went back to my office and began checking my Christmas wish list to see where the toys should now be delivered. I checked every house in the world. Just then my computer came up with the answer, one house showed no deliveries. Christmas Eve was still not over, I jumped back in my sleigh and off we went off to investigate.

I found the house and went down the chimney. I could see it was a poor house and the family had fallen on hard times, which is why they had left their previous home and also their pet. I quietly went up the stairs and there was the little girl asleep with a picture of Alley by her bedside.

I realised then that although she still loved Alley, her family simply could just not afford to keep a cat. This made Santa so sad and so I left her presents and a letter telling her that Alley was now safe and well and had found a new home and one day she would come back and visit her. 

I prayed that the fortunes of the family would change, but it taught me a lesson, that we should all remember, especially at Christmas time. A pet is not a present it is a family member. Alley is now a happy cat and loves visiting children, just like Santa.” 

When I had finished reading I asked Jim what he thought.

“That’s a fantastic story, that cat has the same name as my daughter Alley.”

 “That’s right Jim and do you know the little girl in the story was your wife. Over thirty years ago when she was a little girl she lost the thing she loved most her cat Alley. Don’t let it happen again. Don’t let her lose the man she loves. She deserves you, you are good man don’t throw your wonderful life away.”

“But Nick, how can I find the courage up to just walk back into their lives after what I have done as though nothing has happened.”

“Jim it’s only your pride I know you are a proud man but in your families eyes they couldn’t care if you are successful or not, they just want you home where you belong.

 Take my book you know how much I love this book and show the story to your wife. Please do it for me.”

 I now knew Jim was ready to go home. I gave him a hundred dollar bill and wished him a Merry Christmas and watched as he left the store. I preyed he would turn left and not right to the bar for a drink….

Will Jim make the right choice? …. Watch this space

Click here to Download Santa's Book

Click here to Download Santa's Book

It’s A Wonderful Life on 34th Street – Pt. 4

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

If you haven’t seen the previous parts of the story please go back and read them. If you have then you know the routine…

Sit back, relax, make yourself comfortable and I shall begin….

I then thought, Yes, I would read him the story about how I met Yodule and how he so much wanted to be part of a family. This story will make Jim realise what he is missing I thought.

So I began –

“OK… Jim let me tell you the story of how I met Yodule Elf. It all happened long ago after taking Snowy for a walk one day.  We would always walk along the same path every morning, and sometimes I would see huge footprints in the snow.  I often wondered if it could be the footprints of a Yeti, but then I would tell myself that it could not possibly be because here in the North Pole, where everything is magical and nice, we do not have such monsters.

The more I thought about these footprints, the more I wanted to find out who they belonged to so one day, with Snowy by my side, I decided to follow them.  We followed them for many miles when, all of a sudden, the weather began to change.  The once blue sky suddenly turned dark and stormy and it began to snow very heavily indeed. I realised we were lost!  “Snowy” I said, with a little tremor in my voice, “I think I will have to call Rudolph, and ask him to come and rescue us!”  I reached into my pocket and got out my mobile phone, but when I dialled the number, to my dismay, I could not get a signal.  A storm was brewing, and all communications were temporarily lost!

Oh dear, what was I to do?  It had become so cold, and the snow blizzard made it impossible to see anything around me!  “I’m so sorry Snowy,” I said shivering, “we are lost, and the only thing to do is to wait until the storm blows over!” Snowy and I lay down in the snow, and huddled together for warmth.  Would the storm pass soon, would we survive the night I thought?  Although I was afraid and shivering from the cold, I soon fell asleep with Snowy by my side.

When I woke up, to my surprise, I found that we were no longer outside in the snow, but under a big, fluffy blanket beside a huge roaring fire and on the hearth stood two cups of steaming hot chocolate.  Thankfully, someone very kind had found us, and saved our lives. But who could it be, and how did we get here?

Just then, a big cheerful looking monster appeared before us and said, “Good morning Santa, I am Yodule,” He had saved our lives I thought to myself. He told me that he lived by himself and he did not have a family of his own. I felt so sorry for him, he must be so lonely when suddenly Snowy ran over to him and started to lick him with affection. “He’s made of ice cream,” Snowy barked, his tail wagging with excitement!  Imagine my surprise!

Before I could ask him why he lived alone, Yodule told me he was the little boy that Santa forgot because every year he never gets a present from Santa.  Oh how ashamed I felt because, until now I did not even know who Yodule was!  I told Yodule that this year, I would not forget him, and on Christmas Eve, I would bring him a very special present.

I looked up into the sky, the storm had passed and I could see Rudolph who had come for us. Yodule became scared and ran away before we could thank him. Rudolph landed, and both Snowy and I climbed onto the sleigh with a sigh, before flying home safely back to the North Pole. All the way home I kept thinking of Yodule, so when we landed, I went straight over to head elf and whispered in his ear what I would like him to make for Yodule.

Christmas Eve arrived, and after delivering all of the other presents I then flew off to see Yodule. As I flew over the ice cap, I could see Yodule sitting down there all alone.  As I landed I said, “Merry Christmas Yodule!”  “Oh Santa, where is my present? Your sleigh is empty, have you forgotten me again?” he said so sadly.

“Yodule, I told you that you would have a very special present this year, but it is too big to carry on the sleigh, so jump on board, and I will take you to see it!”

When we landed in the North Pole, Head Elf ran over to greet us. “Yodule’s present is finished!” he exclaimed excitedly!  “Come and see.”  We followed him around a corner, and there it was, an ICE CASTLE for Yodule to live in!  He would never be alone again. He would become part of our family in Santa‘s village.

Yodule started to cry with happiness. “Oh Santa, I am so happy, I have always wanted to be part of a family.”  “You now have a family my dear friend,” I assured him, “and from this day on you will be known as Yodule Elf.”

From that day, it has been wonderful to have Yodule around, especially for the elves that visit his ice castle every day, and tuck into a kind of ice cream that only Yodule can make!  It is called Yodule Elf Treat.”

When I finished reading, there was silence I waited in anticipation for a reaction from Jim. He then spoke

“Nick that was a good story a real happy ending, that big guy got what he wanted.”

“Yes Jim, he’s a great boy, he’s like a son to me. I miss him, I wish he was here.”

“Nick It’s just a Story. An Ice Cream Elf. Nick you are off this planet?”

“Well Jim”  I replied “He’s my family, Have you a family?”

Jim looked over at me; I could see tears welling in his eyes. He spoke slowly and softly.

“I had everything and look at me now. I’m the guy who Springsteen wrote about in Glory Days. I was the top man. I was Captain of the Football Team. Had a great family I didn’t appreciate. All I thought about was my self. I wish I had the chance to go back and put it all right. I lost my job; I wasn’t close to my family. I was the big shot with big friends having great times thinking about number one. Where are my friends now?”

Jim insisted we should head for the bar; I gave him some money but told him that I would have to have an early night. As we parted Jim turned to me and said, “Nick I loved that story, it made me want to cry.”  I then knew I was winning but time was running out.

As Jim went into the bar to see his drinking buddies I heard him say “that guy is like a father to me” Then he joked “Yeah Father Christmas”, his buddies laughed but I could tell, this was not the place he wanted to be and under the veiled humour I could tell he was warming to me. I waved good-bye and he waved back. Yes Jim was definitely fond of me but he was hiding his emotions. He was a joker a great guy to be with and the words of the Christmas letter kept passing through my head

“he’s the greatest daddy in the world” Through a child’s eyes I could understand the pain that this little girl was going through. I was determined that this present will be delivered. This guy had hit rock bottom and there was only one way to go and that was up. I was now more determined than ever to return this lovely man to his family. As I told Harry the Snowman, there comes a point in everyone life when they want to run away that is not the answer. Jim has a loving family who don’t care if he’s successful or not. They just love him for what he is; he thinks he’s a failure, how wrong he is.

I had another idea. I would send a letter to Alley’s School and invite the Children to see Santa. I left to find Patrick the Pigeon Post and as I passed Stancer I caught Yodule getting out of the trunk of the car. The fun started but I had to forgive Yodule. He went running down the Street looking in shop windows. The people were terrified they had never seen an ice cream elf before. I had to rescue Yodule.

“Yodule,” I enquired  “Are you Ok my boy? You are melting come with me.”

Yodule looked a little worried he knew he was meant to be safe at home.

“Are you annoyed with me Santa?”

“No! of course not I’m more worried about you, quickly get into the fridge.”

“But Santa, I was only trying to help.”

“I know that Yodule and I know you meant well, but I what I have to do here in the city, is not as simple as making a toy in Santa’s Village, then delivering the present to the child. This letter is asking for a present so precious, something we take for granted and never appreciate, until it’s gone  – a family” I continued.

“Yodule I get millions of letters from Children every year that make me smile but this one makes Santa so sad. I must deliver on my promise to Alley and return her daddy”

“Anyway don’t worry Yodule it’s Santa’s problem, we’ll be going home tomorrow, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, Promise me you will not leave this fridge.”

“Awww but Santa I can still help.”

“Yodule! please, leave it to me, I have a plan and I will deliver as always on Christmas Eve.”

How will Santa save the day – watch this space for the next instalment!

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Click here to Download Santa's Book